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Only FOUR DAYS to go! Blood Deep will be released this Friday!

Blood Deep – The First Three Chapters for You!

This Friday is the official release day of Blood Deep – book 4 in my Blackthorn series. There are only four days to go, but I know some of my lovely readers are wanting just a sneak peek to help ease the wait. So here we go…

The first three chapters are available for you now! Just click here to read, or visit the ‘Books’ tab above. I do hope you enjoy your taste of what’s to come! :-)



Blood Deep – What’s Next for Blackthorn?

This time next week, Blood Deep will be yours! But if that still feels like too long a wait, you might be pleased to know the first three chapters will be available for you to read here on MONDAY!

So let’s have a quick summary first…


Blood Deep is the fourth book in my series and introduces you to the final integral couple that you need to meet. I have to say this because some readers are still assuming it’s the finale: Book 4 is not the end of the series (more on that after Blood Deep’s release). By the end of Blood Deep though, a lot more will finally fall into place about what lies ahead for our four couples.


Blood Deep is about Eden Reece (hero) and Jessie (heroine). This is the first time I’m not giving away many clues about who they are, how they fit into the overall story, or their intentions. I hope you’re going to enjoy uncovering it for yourself.


So far we’ve been to the east side of Blackthorn (and Lowtown) with Kane and Caitlin’s story in Blood Shadows. We’ve been to the west side of Blackthorn (and Summerton) with Caleb and Leila in Blood Roses. We’ve entered the north and the lycan compound with Jask and Phia in Blood Torn. Now, in Blood Deep, it’s time to venture fully into the south – con territory.

The cons are the human convicts extradited from the penitentiary across the border in Lowtown. Tagged, any attempt to recross the border will release a lethal neurotransmitter into their system. Once they’re in, they’re never getting out. You can spot a con by the numbers on their inner forearms – numbers that dictate the type and frequency of their crimes.

The cons have taken over the south side of Blackthorn, each with their own domain, their power dictated by the number of houses they own in a row. If you’ve read chapter one at the end of Blood Torn, you’ll know Blood Deep opens with a brutal encounter outside one of those rows. Our hero, Eden, has recently arrived in Blackthorn, just in time to see nine crates being furtively taken through the back door. Of course, we all know what those crates contain…or should I say, who is inside them.

Here are a few hints of what to expect. So if you don’t want to know anything until the book lands in your lap, look away… now!


  • No surprise here but yes, yet again, it’s dark. Caleb and Leila’s romance (Blood Roses) is the darkest of all four couples. However, when it comes to dark situations and dark backdrops, I think Blood Deep is the murkiest of all the books so far. The cons are a collective of humans that reflect the sinister side of human nature, so be prepared for some uncomfortable moments. I’m certainly hoping that, during the course of the story, you’ll see why Kane, Caleb and Jask rule their domains with the hard edge for which they are notorious.
  • You’ll find out more about the human plight in this dystopian world. It’s not all about the cons though. Although I touched on the plight of humans in Blood Torn through Sophia’s eyes, Blood Deep delves further into the world of the humans who don’t live a privileged life under the regulations.
  • There will be mystery, psychological warfare, action and, of course, a heavy dose of heated romance. So Eden isn’t exactly coming across as ideal hero material with all those numbers on his arm. Fortunately, Jessie is already showing a glimpse of being a force to be reckoned with. This is Blackthorn though, so things are never that simple.
  • You’ll learn about some new Blackthorn mythology. Blood Deep features a new spin on an old favourite. My lips are sealed beyond that little revelation!
  • Some familiar faces are back! The further we delve into the series, the more paths will cross between the characters you have come to know. I’m not going to drop any names, but expect some well-known faces to reappear.
  • It’s not just about Eden and Jessie. Some lingering questions will be answered. Up to now, certain things have remained shrouded in mystery…Why does Kane want to kill the very leader who could save his kind? What’s the “darkness” he was troubled with at the end of Blood Shadows? Just what was the true implication of Caleb and Leila not sealing their fate in Blood Roses? Why were the lycan young really taken from the compound at the end of Blood Torn – was it a part of Sirius’ master plan, or a twist of fate?

I really hope you’re looking forward to your next adventure into Blackthorn! Lea, who won the early copy of Blood Deep, left a comment on my Facebook page yesterday saying: “Oh, Lindsay. You have outdone yourself with this addition to the series.” Thank you so much, Lea! Fingers crossed you’ll feel the same way.

Thank you again to everyone who has pre-ordered already. And I’m delighted to tell you that, for the first time ever, the paperback is also now available for pre-order on

We’re almost there…only seven days to go! :-D