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Blood Deep - book 4 in my Blackthorn series - will be released later this year.

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All 3 Blackthorn Books at the Top!

Some of you will know that Blood Shadows has reached number 1 in the Gothic Romance chart on more that one occasion on both and Amazon UK. But today, for the first time ever, ALL three Blackthorn books hit the top spot in’s Gothic Romance kindle chart – and in the right order!

And all three books only marginally missed replicating the same in the Amazon’s UK Gothic Romance chart. As it’s Kate Morton holding it back though, all is forgiven.

Thank you to everyone who continues to recommend, rate and review my books – I deeply appreciate it. <3

Blackthorn – Casting the Movie

Before I mislead you – no, there isn’t really going to be a Blackthorn movie. When it was first released, Blood Shadows was optioned by a Hollywood film studio but just lost out in a split vote (boo). But who’s to say what may happen in the future? And there’s nothing to stop us having some fun with the idea, especially as talk of Blackthorn hitting the big screen has been one of the most frequent topics of conversation from readers these last few weeks – not least who could be cast in the main roles. Well, I might not be able to give you the movie itself, but we could have the next best thing!

I have a series of posts coming very soon wherein I’ll be sharing my take on Blackthorn’s main characters, including a few hints of possible challenges ahead for them. To conclude the posts, I’ll show you some pics of my vision of Eden and Jessie (Blood Deep).  I’ve already been busily creating their secret Pinterest board in the background so the cover designer will know the types of models to pick when the time comes. But you might have a few ideas of your own…

So, during the forthcoming weeks, I’d love you to ponder over who you’d like to see in the cast if Blackthorn ever did make it to the screen. Kane, Caleb, Caitlin, Alisha – your choice! I’ll put an official call-out for your suggestions a few weeks from now (noting down any that you share in the interim). And between then and now, I’ll wrack my brain for another fun giveaway prize I can run as part of creating our ‘official’ cast (I’m afraid delivering the cover models to your doorstep isn’t currently a giveaway option).

To hopefully kick-start your thinking, and because I promised Katie – one of my lovely Blackthorn readers who inspired this blog post – that I’d do this, I’ve included two of my own suggestions below… though I might be tempted to change my mind once you’ve joined in! Hopefully I don’t need to tell you who I’d cast them as. ;-)

And for those who don’t know, I have some suggestions for other Blackthorn characters over on one of my Pinterest boards. Please feel free to take a look!