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Only 6 weeks to go! Blood Deep will be released 24/10/14!

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Blackthorn on Paranormal Book Club

Last week, I announced on my Facebook page that Shani from the awesome Paranormal Book Club gave Blood Shadows a 5 star review and shout out on their Facebook page. This week, Shani has now given Blood Roses and Blood Torn 5 star reviews too! The PBC Facebook page is featuring Blackthorn right now with Shani declaring, “This is one of my favourite series so far this year!” Yesssss!! :-D

This is what Shani had to say about each:

Blood Shadows

What a FANTASTIC read! This was a great vampire book. The character development was on point and the plot fast paced. I loved the interaction between Caitlin and Kane. The plot twists got me every time. Add this book to your “to read” list. If you want action, love, and some hot fangs then this is the book for you.

Blood Roses

I am completely enthralled with this paranormal series. You get so wrapped up in the story and characters that you lose track of time. I truly loved book 2. The story that developed between Leila and Caleb is riveting. The more I read the more I fall in love with Blackthorn. What a great plot and character development that does not leave you wanting. Action, love, trust, sex, mystery. What more could you want? Add this series to your must read list.

Blood Torn

WOW! It just gets better and better! You really see how everything is intertwined in this book. I could not put it down. Jask’s and Sophie’s storyline was awesome! I cannot wait to see what happens in book 4. Brilliant job Lindsay Pryor.

Thanks so much, Shani!

Announcing Blood Deep’s Release Date

I still can’t quite believe how much excitement has been flooding in for this pending announcement. But then again, neither can I believe we’re on book 4 of my Blackthorn series already! It only feels like a short time ago since I launched with Blood Shadows.

But here it is…calendars at the ready…it’s Blood Deep‘s release date!

NINE weeks and counting!!

There will be lots more between now and then though – not least the cover reveal, the first three chapters uploaded here for you to read for free, and a post from me giving you a few clues as to what to expect. It’s all on its way. :-D

If you’re not a regular here, you might not know that Blood Deep features the final integral Blackthorn couple you need to meet: Eden and Jessie. For those who are still assuming this is the finale, I cannot stress enough that it’s not!

And if you are fairly new here, and don’t yet know how Blackthorn began and developed into what it is today, I was asked to reveal all in a post for my week-long spotlight on the wonderful ‘The Author Visits’. You can read it here.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!