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Thanks for such an amazing publication week, Team Blackthorn!

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It’s Blood Bound Publication Day!

Wow! What a day! I have so much to cram into this traditional publication day round-up post that I’m going to get straight down to it.

Firstly, thank you to every person who has downloaded or ordered a copy of Blood Bound today. I am beyond thrilled to say that it went straight in at number one in Gothic Romance on Amazon UK this morning and is still there now!

It made it to number four on at the last look, and Blood Bound also reached the Top 10 in Gothic Fiction (#8) on too. It was even back at the number one spot in Hot New Releases there!

An extra special thank you too to all my readers who have finished their latest Blackthorn adventure and have been uploading reviews already. It means a lot. <3


The support for Blackthorn and Blood Bound today has been incredible. There has been loads going on.


I’ve been involved in four interviews today answering questions from Shelley WilsonChelle’s Book ReviewsStarcrossed Reviews; and Kim The Bookworm.

So if you’d like to know the answers to questions such as what I like most about writing dark paranormal romance; where the inspiration for my Blackthorn Series came from; when I knew I wanted to become a writer and how I went about it; and what I plan to do next, please do head over to have a look.

Huge thanks to Shelley, Chelle, Emma and Kim for hosting me and coming up with such great questions!


I also wrote a special guest post for today. If you’re interested in why I write such dark heroes, you might like to check out what I had to say on Linda’s Book Bag.

For those who remember the Alpha Showdown back in the Summer where Kane was the shock victor in this intense reader-voting competition, Chelsea at Vampire Book Club very kindly let me return to explain more about Blackthorn to new readers.

And Clair at Have Books, Will Read, and Life of a Nerdish Mum also let me write a short introductory post about Blackthorn for their readers too.

Thank you so much, ladies!


And I wasn’t the only one writing posts today.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Incy Black for her unmistakable take on Blackthorn hours before she dived in to start reading it. An equally big thank you to Passionate About Books and Brickley Jules for sharing their publication day posts. And also Maryse’s Book Blog, The Romance Cover, The Book Chick and Helcee’s Bangin’ Books all for their publication day shout-outs too. I really appreciate it.


If you’re a writer yourself, you might like to check out a special publication day post I wrote for the Online Literary Magazine Writing IE where I offer some strategies on how to dig out of dead-end scenes.


Not only are my readers’ reviews now coming in but blogger reviews are continuing to come in too. I’d like to say a massive thank you to Louise at the superbly-titled Wopsywoobookblog (love that!) for your fabulous 5 star review.

“Blood Bound made me feel emotional, tense, anxious, angry, happy and sad, not to mention frustrated. There were so many times I had my fist clenched, wanting to do something and not being able to do a damn thing about it… The action was jam packed. There wasn’t a moment in which I was bored or I thought something didn’t work. It all flowed. That’s the thing with Lindsay’s mind and ingenuity. You never know what’s going to happen next. So many times I thought I knew where the story was leading and every time I was proved wrong. I don’t think my heart could take many more palpitations. So many ‘heart in mouth moments.’

For me, a formidable book has me believing that I’m in the story, that I’m sharing the lives of the characters I’m reading. That I’m going on a journey and I’m so far in that I can’t see my way out. Blackthorn really does that for me. I believe I’m there, I believe I’m suffering or laughing or loving, I believe in everything. That’s what sets Lindsay apart from so many other authors of the same genre. It’s brilliant mind trickery. This is why I love this series. There hasn’t been and will not be a dark paranormal romance series that can top this for me.”

And as there were a few wordpress glitches over the past few days meaning my blog followers weren’t receiving my posts, if you missed previous reviews you can read them herehere and here.


I can’t thank all my readers, fellow authors and publisher enough for all the incredible support that has come through on social media such as Twitter and my Facebook page today.

And the memes that were being shared were an absolute treat – including some creative use for those door hangers I posted about yesterday! You’ve all been absolutely brilliant in both showing and sharing your love for Blackthorn.

As for my street team – who have not stopped finding every opportunity to shout about Blood Bound’s release throughout the day – you ladies are beyond incredible. <3


Well, it’s almost two in the morning here in the UK so it’s about time I called the day to an end. Thank you again, so much, for making this day so special. It’s been our penultimate Blackthorn release, ladies and gents, and it has been another day I won’t forget.

If you’re still in Blackthorn, stay safe and come back soon. <3



To add to my thanks for mentions and support, a HUGE thank you to Stephanie at My Bookworm Blogger who put together a wonderful publication day post yesterday to mark Blood Bound‘s release. That was really kind of you, Stephanie (who also previously reviewed Blood Bound in case you missed it). <3

I also had a very excited message to say Blood Bound made it to number one in Gothic Romance on during the night as well as number 1 in Hot New Releases in Gothic Romance!! Thi, who sent me the update, asked if I’d give a shout-out to my Canadian readers. Absolutely! Thank you SO much for your support! <3

As well as that, I’ve been told Blood Bound has crept up to number four on! Strike that! Now at number three!! Thanks for the update, Tracey! <3

This is all wonderful news. Thanks again, Team Blackthorn! xxx


* * *


As publication week comes to an end, I’m so pleased to say Blood Bound is holding the number one spot in Gothic Romance on Amazon UK, the feedback from Blackthorn’s die-hard fans is positive, and reviews are still coming in. I had this one today from author Tracey Rogers – and it’s a stunner. You can read the full review here, but here’s a snippet below. Thank you so much  for such a glowing 5 star review, Tracey!

“If you’ve read any of the previous books in the series you will know how intense and compelling the Blackthorn series is… I emotionally braced myself before I began to read Blood Bound and yet I still wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. The unexpected twists and revelations still hold their intensity and the plot is absolutely gripping. Every line matters and those secondary characters that you may deem unimportant in one book are actually cleverly relevant in another, especially in this story. The pace is relentless and the plot truly is a masterclass in world building and conflict.

Blackthorn is know for its complex layers and the darkness of the series and Blood Bound for me is the darkest yet. Jessie and Eden’s vulnerabilities are exposed and then ripped to shreds. It’s a challenging, shocking read in the best possible way. Just when you think the author really won’t go there – she does! Jessie and Eden are tested beyond their limits and you feel every moment of it. And bravo, Lindsay J. Pryor, for being courageous enough to do that. Thank you for staying true to the series. Each harrowing scene serves to validate Blackthorn further. You might need to pick your broken heart up from the floor after reading Blood Bound – but my goodness it’s worth every breath stolen moment. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. The most powerful series I’ve ever read.”

Ah, what a great way to end the week. Have a fantastic weekend, everyone. I know a lot of readers have had to wait until now to dive back into Blackthorn. I hope it turns out to be worth it. Take care in there – and see you soon. <3

Only Hours To Go!

It’s Blood Bound Eve! That means your latest Blackthorn adventure could be yours within hours!

Thank you so, so much for all the build-up and pending excitement. Although, I have to add, sorry for the sense of dread based on all the recent reviews I’ve been sharing. You will get through it, I promise! And I have something to help…


For the last couple of years, I’ve been told I should produce some DO NOT DISTURB signs ready for release day. I mentioned it to my fabulous street team last night and asked if they could come up with some wording. Let’s just say I had to abandon 97% of the suggestions. I’ll leave it to your imaginations to fill the gaps as to why. But here you go…

As has long been promised, and if anyone fancies having some fun with them, here are four true-to-size, printable door hangers especially for tomorrow. A huge thank you to Louise, Tracey and Julia for letting me use your suggestions.


If you’d like to download your door hanger, all you have to do is:

  1. Hover over either of the two pages. This will bring up their grey menu bar across the top of each page. (There are two bookmarks on each page.)
  2. Press the ‘Download PDF’ button (second from the right).
  3. It will open up the PDF in a new window that you can then print.

These will hopefully keep any interruptions away… 😉



And reviews are still coming in!

A big shout-out and an equally massive thank you to Stephanie at My Bookworm Blogger for your fantastic 5 star review…

“There is no doubt in my mind that Blood Bound, book #7 in the Blackthorn series, is indeed my #bookoftheyear. Jessie and Eden have always held a special place in my heart and my heart truly bled for them in this book… There were moments that I just had to stop reading, I needed time to digest everything and tell my heart that I could get through it. See, that is when you know you are reading something special. When you feel like you are part of the story. When you feel like you are part of one big family. When you feel your favourite characters pain as if it were your own; their triumphs your own.

Never before have I read a series that holds so many intricate plots. Each one weaved to perfection and then brought together in ways that are always one step ahead of me. I can never guess what is going to happen; every turn of the page has my heart in my throat… Blood Bound is the perfect addition to the Blackthorn series. Everything is coming together now, to what I am sure is going to be an explosive end…”

As well as Marta at Literal Addiction for your brilliant 5 star review too…

“I cannot believe what I’ve just read! This book is the best yet in this series and absolutely jaw dropping and so intense. This world the author has created has grown into something that has clearly taken on a life of its own. The depth of emotions this story called forth is totally unbelievable. I’d enjoyed previous books with characters that excited but the utter depravity and evil in play here has left my head spinning. Complex does not begin to describe it, dark is far too light a word to use and all I can envisage is an onion with so many layers gradually peeling back… 

You will be shocked, horrified and so emotional… but remember to watch the sidelines, look around at all the peripheral goings on. The characters in this world are set on a collision course of such magnitude I cannot begin to imagine just how the author can possibly wrap everything up in the next and last instalment.”

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I know I’m going to lose most of you in Blackthorn but if you fancy heading back out for a breather, I’ll have a special release day blog post tomorrow gathering all of the day’s happenings. I’d love you to join me.

But if I don’t see you, you know the rules: take care in there and come back safe!

Have a fabulous time, Team Blackthorn! And thank you, as always, for your support. <3