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Thank you for all the queries coming in about Blood Dark...

...I promise to share the release date as soon as I can!

Blackthorn Giveaway Winner Announced!


Thank you to every single person who entered this giveaway, both here and via email. There were so many incredible entries that I’m relieved it was Kim, Bookouture’s Publicity Manager, who volunteered to judge the contest and not me!

So, without further ado…

(…but make sure you read on, because this giveaway has a Blackthorn twist all of its own…)

…the WINNER of four signed Blackthorn books is:


Ange’s entry came via email. In it, she said:

“Blackthorn has to be one of my favourite series hands down! I tend to be a binge reader; I will read and read and read till I get bored then I won’t read for months even if there is a new release. But blackthorn has its claws and teeth in me so deep that I cannot wait for the next book! There are just so many layers to each character and then each character has an integral role in the main plot; which in turn is so twisted it blurs the line of good and evil.

When I finish a book I find myself getting excited about future scenes; as Lindsay knows all too well and loves to tease me about it on social media. I try to predict what’s going to happen and Lindsay manages to surprise me everytime.

The books are amazing and the six figure sales speak for themselves! Any and all supernatural book lovers will not be able to put any of these books down but truth be told Lindsay is the reason I love Blackthorn so much. For starters without her that world would not exist; there would be no vampire legends, no werewolf heart-throbs, no soul sucking demons, no evil councils judging and deciding everyone’s fate and no prophecies which means NO CALEB and that just hurts to even think about…  

Another reason I love Lindsay is for her enthusiasm; her love for her creation, her baby, becomes extremely infectious when you speak to her or read her blogs but the way she interacts with her readers just blew me away.

Not many authors speak to their readers as if they are friends. She teases us about up coming scenes, chats with us about other books or TV shows, she will have a laugh with us and seems genuinely humbled by all the praise she gets.

Lindsay doesn’t just plug her own books like most authors, she will share little pieces of her life with us and in turn cares about our lives. I have had many conversations with Lindsay and I can honestly say that no one deserves this success more than she does! I am so happy for her and will be here to harass her for new books every step of the way on this awesome journey that is Blackthorn.”

HUGE congratulations, Ange! Your books are on their way!

The response from Kim, our lovely judge, was:

“Wow, picking a winner for this competition was one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to do.  There were some amazing responses and huge thanks to everyone who entered.  I chose this particular winner because she brought a tear to my eye with her emotional and heart-warming response.  She’s clearly a die-hard Blackthorn and a huge Lindsay J. Pryor fan who is always keen to get involved and sneak info on social media. Congratulations Ange.”

Thanks so much for your help, Kim! (It brought a tear to my eye too.)

And here’s the twist…

In fact, it was so tough to judge, that Kim decided to give an impromptu three runner-up prizes too! I’ll be in touch with the owners of the entries below to let you know what Kim has planned for you!

The entirety of each entry was taken into account, but here’s a sample of why they came so close:

CAROLYN (email entry):

“…Blackthorn has everything you are looking for in a book. It keeps you in suspense, not knowing what could happen next…The Blackthorn concept got my attention because of the…love and hate relationship between characters, the mystery, the challenges, the pressure, the obstacles that the 4 couples have to face and the fact that none of them are safe…The beauty of this series is that things get more complicated with every book and that is why I LOVE Blackthorn so much…”

SARAH/forever hopeful (blog entry):

“I love that all the books are intertwined with each other and don’t completely and utterly rely on conventional romance plots. I like that there are big conflicts…that connect all the different characters; I also enjoy the fact that these conflicts continue to build off of each other as the series progresses. Even though we may not see certain characters, we’re still left wondering…what decisions they’ll make or what reactions they will have in future books.”

SUZANNE (blog entry):

“The world-building is fantastic. Every scene serves to draw a picture of a stratified society…laced with oppression, segregation, and prejudice. The glaring differences between…Summerton, Midtown, Lowtown, and Blackthorn are heart-wrenching and make you feel the injustice of the situation…how prejudices and judgments can be perpetuated by those wanting to maintain power…instead of looking for ways to make a better world and society for all beings to enjoy. So, these books are not just a typical PNR…the message behind the stories is profound and I love it.”

Huge congrats to you too, Carolyn, Sarah and Suzanne! I’ll be emailing you very soon!

There are more giveaways to come!

Again, thanks hugely to everyone who entered – and for the amount of effort that went into so many entries. If you’ve been left disappointed this time around, don’t forget more giveaways are coming soon, including an early eBook of Blood Dark! I’ll think of something fun for us to do for that one… 😉


Win the First Four Blackthorn Books – Signed!

Earlier this month, I mentioned that Bookouture asked if my readers might like to be in with a chance of winning the first four Blackthorn books in a giveaway. My answer was easy, and you proved me right with a fantastic response to the prospect both here and on Facebook. Thank you!

Well, today’s the day!

Thanks to the uber-lovely Kim Nash, Bookouture’s Publicity Manager, we have a one-off-never-before-done giveaway of all four of the first Blackthorn books (in paperback) signed by me.

But, for the first time ever in a Blackthorn giveaway, the winner isn’t going to be picked out of a hat. This time, Kim is going to judge the entries and select the winner!


All you have to do to enter is give your response to:


It’s a wide-open question that allows die-hard fans to enter as well as those wanting to try the series for the first time. You can comment on what first drew you to the series, or what compels you to keep reading it. Maybe it’s your favourite series and you’d like to share why, or you simply want to say what (or who!) you love about it. How you answer is up to you!


  • You will need to post your answer either in the comment section below OR, if you’d prefer, you can email me. Please include ‘competition’ in the subject line.
  • You can only enter once.


The competition is open now and you have until midnight (UK time) on Tuesday 2nd June to post your entry. I hope that gives you plenty of time to mull it over. The winner will be announced on Friday 5th June.

Whereas I usually like to jump on and comment on entries, as this is as judged competition this time, I’ll be good and stay quiet. The very best of luck to everyone who chooses to enter, and have fun coming up with your answer!

Have a brilliant week! xxx