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Blood Instinct (Blackthorn #6) is written and now undergoing structural edits.

I'll keep you posted!

Blood Instinct is Written :)

In case you’ve missed my recent posts on Facebook, a very Happy New Year to you!

Okay, so the title above is a bit of a giveaway as to what this post is about. Before I get on to Blood Instinct though…

Towards the end of 2015, Blood Dark was nominated for several readers’ choice awards across a number of different blogs – all thanks to my readers (and my incredible hot-off-the-press street team) for putting my latest book forward.

So, last week, I was really excited to find out that it went on to win three prizes in the Sweet N Sassy Book A Holics ‘Best of the Best 2015’ Awards: 2nd place for ‘Favourite Fantasy Book‘, 2nd Place for ‘Favourite Urban Fantasy Book‘ and 3rd Place for ‘Most Anticipated Book‘ of 2015! I was thrilled. Thank you to every single person who voted – and for all the wonderful comments left on my Facebook page. <3

I was also thrilled to find out that Blood Dark was named in My Bookworm Blogger’s Top 3 Reads of 2015.

“Lindsay is one of my all time favourite authors, she weaves incredibly intricate stories and has created a dark and thoroughly delicious and disturbed world called Blackthorn. Stories of vampires, lycans and witches have been done many times in the past, and many seem to blur into one. NOT Blackthorn! In the world of paranormal romance Blackthorn shines. It’s a whole new world ripe for the taking and is certainly the world you should be picking!”

Thank you, Stephanie!

And made it into the ‘Best Books of 2015’ for Big Little Sister Blog.

Sometimes the waiting is too much and the book doesn’t live up to it. But mostly great authors don’t let their fans down.  And just occasionally, right before your eyes an author goes from great to sublime genius.  This book nearly killed me. What on earth will happen in book 6?” 

Thank you, Michelle!

And whilst staying on a Kane and Caitlin theme, Blood Shadows was listed as one of Splashes Into Books’ favourite Bookouture books so far alongside books by my fellow authors Angela Marsons, Holly Martin and Sue Watson. It also received a terrific review and 5 out of 5 stars!

“This is a great story, well written, fast paced, enthralling and intriguing as historical events are slowly revealed shining a light on deception, double dealers and demonstrating that it isn’t always those you believe to be enemies that you shouldn’t trust – unworthy friends may be even worse! This is the first book in the series and does end appropriately but also whets your appetite for future books – I can’t wait to find out what happens next! Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys paranormal mysteries with plenty of action and bite.”

Thank you, Bicted!

What a lovely start to 2016. :-) And on that note…

I already come bearing good news. As of early this week, the first draft of Blood Instinct is now with my editor. Even better news, it’s going to be back with me very shortly. That means I’ll be able to move on to the next stage (the structural edits) without delay. That signals a huge sigh of relief from me, and hopefully one from you too! Thanks, as always, for the fantastic response to the news already. I really appreciate it. <3

Since Blood Dark was released in September, I’ve had a lot of queries, particularly from readers new to Blackthorn, asking how soon Blood Instinct will be out and why I won’t give a release date – even an estimation (I love the attempts at bribes, by the way!). Basically, even though Blood Instinct is now written, we’re only at the initial stage. Further timings beyond the first draft deadline have yet to be set. My editor is always the first person to read my book and, until she does, my publisher has no idea how many redrafts/rewrites will be required. And, until I’ve seen the initial set of structural notes, I don’t know how long it will take me. As soon as I do, the schedule is set and Bookouture talk to me about provisional release dates.

However, even after all the structural edits are complete, there are still line edits to come and then copy edits – and all of that is before the rest of the publishing process kicks in. Once we’re at the line edits stage though, Bookouture usually confirm the release date. So, watch out for that announcement because then you’ll know we’re close to you being able to mark your calendars. :-) Oh, and if anyone still doesn’t know, Jask and Phia will be back in the spotlight for this one!

I’ll be back with more news after my first round of structural edits are in – unless anything exciting happens between now and then, that is!

Take care xxx

Merry Christmas, Team Blackthorn!

I can’t quite believe 2015 is nearly over! This time last year, after almost twenty years in the profession, I’d stepped out of my teaching career and taken the leap into writing full-time. At the start of 2015, I was finally able to give Blackthorn my full attention.

Much of this year has been spent writing Blood Dark with my head simultaneously in my old notebooks making sure I’m still on track with my plans for the finale. (As most of you will know by now, I never have my head on only one book at a time – not when it comes to Blackthorn!) Since Blood Dark’s release, the last ten weeks have been all about the first draft of Blood Instinct. I’ll share some news on that soon.

Until then, I can’t say farewell to another year without first saying a massive thank you to all my incredible readers who have been a part of it. Whether you support me here, via social media, email, or simply by rating and reviewing my books, you make a difference to me and to my series. Thank you for being there to back Blackthorn and for rooting for our heroes and heroines as we edge ever closer to the finale. 2015 has been such a stand out year for me when it comes to fun and interaction with my readers (I do solemnly swear never to pose the T-shirt question ever again), and I am so lucky to have you! Involvement in the giveaways this year has been the best ever and your support of Blood Dark’s release was simply immense. I hope you’ll be just as excited about Jask and Phia’s return in Blood Instinct!

I know it’s been far from all fun and laughter out in the wider world this year though, so thank goodness for whatever escapism we can find in books. Here’s just one of many emails I received this year that reminds me how important books are in so many of our lives:

“I am from Romania and I just wanted to say that your books have made my world such a better place … Your characters and plot of the story has taken me on a wonderful journey. Thank you.”

Is there any better reason to share stories?

Here’s wishing you all a fantastic Christmas and health, peace and happiness in the year ahead. I’ll be back in January with those Blood Instinct updates as well as my plans for Blackthorn in 2016. Whatever you do between now and then, take care. I have soooo much more escapism planned for you! :-)