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Blood Dark is available for pre-order NOW!

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The Blood Dark Countdown Begins…

The countdown has officially started!! We have less than a month left until BLOOD DARK is yours!

Thanks for all the anticipation and excitement that’s already coming through. This is starting to feel like a military operation, especially for those who have informed me they’ve booked the day off work or made ‘alternative arrangements’ for their family! :-) I have to say, one of the best things about a Blackthorn release day is the build-up – and you’re the best at this. This wonderful comment left here my website this morning particularly made my day:

“Dear Lindsay,

I am from Romania and I just wanted to say that your books have made my world such a better place. I couldn’t put them down and I counting the days till the release of Blood Dark. Your characters and plot of the story has taken me on a wonderful journey. Thank you.”

Thank you so, so much, Alexandra. And thank you to everyone else who makes this journey not only worthwhile, but also so much fun. I’ll have some teasers for you soon!


Blood Dark Hits No 1!

Yesterday was just fantastic. I’m still buzzing from the overwhelming response to the cover reveal and release date announcement (especially on Facebook), so I certainly wasn’t expecting to make another so soon. But less than 24 hours after Blood Dark‘s pre-order went live, I received news this morning that it had gone straight to the #1 spot on Amazon UK’s Gothic Romance chart -and the #4 spot in US equivalent! It had just fallen shy of being in the top 800 books on the overall Amazon UK chart. As I’m sure you can imagine, I am beyond thrilled.

In addition to that, Blood Dark also hit #1 in the Gothic Romance Hot New Releases!

That’s two Blackthorn books in a row now that have gone straight to No 1 from pre-orders alone (the last was Blood Deep). I can’t quite believe it.

Thank you so much to my fellow Bookouture author Caroline Mitchell for breaking the news to me via Twitter this morning (you are a top class stalker, Ms Mitchell), Tracey Rogers (Blackthorn’s original No 1 fan) for your excited email also making sure I’d heard, and to USA Today bestseller CC MacKenzie for doing the same by taking the time out of her own super-busy schedule to call and congratulate me.

And, of course, a massive thank you to you: all my incredible readers and supporters who got me there. This doesn’t happen without you – and I appreciate it so much. <3


* * *


After posting this, I found out the following morning that Blood Dark had gone on to reach #2 in Gothic Romance on Amazon. com. Thank you SO much to everyone still clicking that pre-order button. <3