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Thank you to all my wonderful readers for a fantastic BLOOD INSTINCT publication day. <3

A Great End to a Great Week

So far, Blood Instinct seems to be going down a treat. As you can imagine, I’m more than a little relieved! I know some of my readers started reading their latest instalment the moment it was downloaded at midnight – and that others have been waiting until this weekend to lock out the world and head back onto the streets of Blackthorn.

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of knowing your book is being eagerly awaited. But just as readers anxiously open the first page with a hope that their next adventure is going to be worthy of the wait, there’s an author in the background with their fingers crossed it will meet their loyal readers’ expectations. So thank you to everyone who is already sharing their thoughts on places like Amazon and Goodreads.

The great news is that Blood Instinct returned to #1 in Gothic Romance on Amazon UK on the day of its release. Jask even managed to hip-shove his buddy Kane into second place – something he never quite managed to achieve when Blood Torn came out because Kane still dominated the charts. So well done, Jask! 😀 Blood Instinct also made it to #2 in Gothic Fiction on as well as remaining at #1 in ‘Hot New Releases’! I’m thrilled to bits.

Right, no more chart talk from here on!

Two more blogger reviews came through on Thursday and Friday too – both 5 stars! I’d like to say a huge thank you to author Lindsey Clarke for her fantastic review of Blood Instinct:

“Jask and Phia have always been effortlessly hot, but Blood Instinct takes things to a much darker and more gut-wrenching level…the action in this book was so exciting and so thrilling that I almost wished I could strap myself in, just in case I fell off the sofa in shock of it all. In fact, I’m not even sure how I managed to reach the end without turning blue and passing out, because I definitely felt I should be holding my breath throughout! …I’ll just say that if you want an intoxicating read that will leave you breathless and reeling for days afterwards, then Blood Instinct is the book for you. Just don’t forget the safety harness. Five beautiful big glittery stars for this wickedly wonderful read!”

As well as to Shirley at The Romance Cover for her wonderful Blood Instinct review and accolade to Blackthorn:

“Once again everything you could wish for in a book. It is dark, compelling and thrilling with erotic but intimate loving interludes… The story ramps up as Blackthorn is fighting for its existence and its intensity keeps you turning the pages…get ready for a thrilling ride that will get you biting your knuckles as the story unfolds. It has it all in this book…utterly brilliant… Roll on Book 7 so that I can once again immerse myself in the awesome world of Blackthorn.” You can read Shirley’s full review here.

Lindsey Clarke didn’t just review Blood Instinct though, but decided to sum up her take on my entire series so far. Thank you SO much for a stunning summation of your take on my series, Lindsey. I wish I could explain my own books as well as you do!

“Having been a fan since Blood Shadows, I don’t think I could ever have predicted just how the story would unfold. For me, it’s gone from a dark and gritty paranormal romance set in the dangerous backstreets of a fictional world, to something that has reached epic proportions, where the sizzling relationships between our characters sits alongside key themes of social inequality, segregation, prejudice and supremacism. Now I know that might seem a little heavy for your average PNR, but the facts are that Blackthorn has NEVER been your average PNR and I believe it’s part and parcel of what has kept me desperate for more after each release.

What’s intrinsically powerful about Blackthorn is that it creates incredible empathy and passion in its readers… But it’s the world that she has created behind all that, which provides the whole backdrop to the story – this is what makes it so blooming REAL. Quite frankly, open up a Lindsay J Pryor book, and you’re opening up a three-dimensional feast for the senses and if you’re going to step into that world, well, you’d better be prepared to start running because the action in Blackthorn never stops.” You can read Lindsey’s full combined review here.

I’d also like to say a HUGE thank you too to Katrina and Mindy at Paranormal Romance Trance for running a Blackthorn spotlight today. I really appreciate your shout out, ladies. <3

That’s it for now. It’s time I disappeared to focus back on Blood Bound. 🙂 With “tick tock” fast becoming a catchphrase amongst my readers who have finished Blood Instinct, it sounds like you want your next instalment as quickly as possible. I’m on it!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xxx

It’s Blood Instinct Publication Day!

It’s finally here!! Today marks the day of the official launch of BLOOD INSTINCT!!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because, let’s be honest, who wants to hear from me when you can be immersed in Blackthorn with Jask (Kane, Caleb, Eden…) instead?

I wanted to have a quick roundup of the day though to mark the occasion and to say thanks to everyone who has pitched in to make today so fantastic – because you have. <3 It’s been a full on fourteen hours now and I’ve loved every minute. 🙂


Reviews are already being uploaded from both reviewers and readers and, so far, the feedback is beyond wonderful. Thank you to everyone who is taking the time to do this, including…

Marcy from Keeper Bookshelf who gave Blood Instinct a glowing 5 star review:

“This is an intriguing, dark story with twists and turns that make you think you’re navigating the back alleys of Blackthorn – and maybe you are.  Up is down, left is right… and nothing is quite what it seems.  Secrets, lies and danger are rampant and just when you believe it’s safe… guess again.  There will be nails bitten to the quick, tears shed and perhaps a good shot of whiskey might help at some points – but you will never be bored. If you enjoy dark paranormal tales… I don’t think I could recommend this story or this series highly enough.”  You can read Marcy’s full review here.

Amy M at Dayreader Reviews for her terrific 4.5 star review:

“My heart broke many times while reading what is going on in Blackthorn and several times I was so utterly upset I had to stop reading because my heart broke into so many pieces… My wow factor in this book shot through the roof reading about halfway through! I am completely sucked into Blackthorn and have been hypnotized by Jask Tao into falling for the lycan leader. My hopes for the next book are extremely high… I am left of the edge of my seat, biting my nails off… A heart stopping, stomach turning 4.5 stars from Lindsay J. Pryor of Blood Instinct.” You can read Amy’s full review here.

Angel at The Book Spot for her wonderfully enthusiastic review:

“I loved this book as much as I loved every other book in this series and I really want to visit Blackthorn (Not on my own of course, its a scary place). I started this book meaning to read for an hour, Well, that didn’t work! Nothing got done in my house and no one got fed and when I finally looked up it was 2am. This book was exciting from start to finish… This is not a cutesy vampire/werewolf romance book, I really have to stress that. Its too fierce, too exciting, too enthralling and captivating to call it just a romance…” You can read Angel’s full review here.

…and to everyone who is posting their review on places like Amazon and Goodreads.


To add to the excitement, ALL SIX BLACKTHORN BOOKS were in the TOP 14 in Gothic Romance on Amazon UK today – with Blood Shadows back at the number one spot and Blood Instinct not far behind!


Today also marked the official launch of Blackthorn onto Instagram and the response has been brilliant, with some images already reaching ‘Top Posts’. Do track me down if you’re on there (#TheBlackthornSeries) – and always feel free to share your own Blackthorn-related images. 🙂


Before I leave you in peace to (hopefully) enjoy your latest Blackthorn adventure, I would like to say a huge thank you to three blogs who have given Blackthorn a shout out this week:

Maryse at Maryse’s Book Blog for announcing Blood Instinct’s preorder details to all her followers.

Crystal at Reading Between the Wines for running a Blackthorn spotlight today.

And The Romance Cover for spotlighting Blood Instinct’s release on their Facebook page.

A massive thank you to all the work that my fab publisher Bookouture have put into this publication day, and to my incredible street team who have not only given up their time voluntarily but have worked non-stop all day to spread the word about Blackthorn as far and as wide as possible. <3

And, of course, my heartfelt thanks to my awesome readers for all of your comments, pictures, likes, retweets, shares and everything else you’ve done across all of my social media sites today. Your response has been simply amazing. I’ve been blown away. I’m still catching up, but I’m getting there!

Happy reading, Team Blackthorn! xxx