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The Lull is Almost Over

Thank you so much to all my lovely readers for your patience these past few months whilst I’ve been working on our Blackthorn finale as well as preparing for Haven’s release. Although I’ve been posting snippets as regularly as possible on Facebook, I’ve had an uncharacteristic lull here. But I’m pleased to finally be able to tell you the lull is almost over!

As of this time next week, there will only be one month to go until Haven’s publication day. I cannot tell you how excited I am at the prospect of my brand new series launching with Piatkus and, with it, a brand new chapter in my publishing career too. I’ve had an incredible time getting to know the team so far, including being allocated an absolute gem of a publicist (Sophia) who I’m over the moon to be working with. Best of all, she has a real passion for fantasy. She’s busily reading through Haven at the moment as she prepares her pitches and I think she’s sussing my writing very quickly, especially as her current working tagline for Haven is “True Blood meets Narcos”. I love it! And she said, “It’s so easy to pitch a book I‘m in love with and think is brilliant… I’ve read a LOT of fantasy in my time and yours really stands out.” I’m thrilled to say the least.

And with less than a month to go, those who have been through a pending book release with me before will know what’s coming… the giveaways will soon begin! Don’t stray too far if you don’t want to miss anything!


There were also some pre-order updates this week, so I’m delighted to share that Haven is now available for pre-order in paperback in the US and Canada with the following retailers:


Barnes and Noble





And if you missed my previous post, Haven is also available for pre-order here too:



Amazon UK


Amazon US

Amazon ANZ

But, of course, thank you so much if you’ve already pre-ordered. I really appreciate your support. <3


As for Blood Broken, our Blackthorn series finale, I will finally be able to share updates on that after the fun and excitement of Haven has started to settle down. So not only will you have Haven soon, you have the release date, cover reveal and giveaways for Blood Broken to come too! I did warn you it was going to get busy towards the end of the year. 😉

Here’s to a fun few weeks ahead!



Tracey Morrow

Wow! It’s been a long wait but every second will be worth it when both Haven and Blood Broken are in my hands!
I am beyond excited!

Suzanne M

Ooooh! *shivers of delight* Not too long and I’ll have Haven in my grabby hands (and hopefully Caleb in Blood Broken soon after…ahem). 😉 I am also so thrilled for you that Sophia is such a wonderful publicist! Great tagline!

All this anticipation is unbearable…(but your writing always makes it worth it!) <3 xoxo

Incy Black

Can’t wait!

Incy Black

Can’t wait!


I truly cannot wait for both books. Saddened to be leaving Blackthorn and our beloved guys but happy that there will be a conclusion. I really want the baddies to get their comeuppance.

And then to Haven, really looking forward to seeing the difference between the two locales. Excited doesn’t begin to cover it.

Hope this final leg of both books go smoothly. 💙

dawn higgins

Yay its nearing the time for both Haven and Blood Broken to arrive,to say i am excited is a understatement… glad that everything is working out for you,as you so deserve the best….xx

Joanna Lenthall

I really am looking forward to Haven, I will pre-order shortly if I haven’t already… can’t remember if I have. I can’t wait for release date for Blood Broken, have to be patient.
Fab news!!!


Long time coming, but well worth th anticipation, am soooooo in love with Lindsay and her books so I know this is gonna be outstanding.😍😍😍😈😜

Julia S

Awesome news about your publicist, I really can’t wait to get my hands on Haven and Blood Broken. Very exciting times ahead for sure and not long to wait now❤️❤️ xxx


Lindsay you are killing me. The joy of Haven, then the sadness of saying goodbye to blackthorn in Blood broken. I’m not sure I can take the tension. But I’ll try!!! Xx

Amanda Perrie

The wait is killing me!!! 😱 🖤 Is it November yet?


Looking forward to both books.


Yayyy! Can’t wait!


Yah!!!!! So much closer to this book in my hands❤️❤️❤️ Preordered 🎉🎉🎉

Linda Brandt

Sophia sounds like a keeper!
Wow, can’t wait to delve into Haven( I just love starting a new series)!
Having mixed emotions about Blood Broken, excited to find out about Caleb and Leila, praying the “baddies suffer for eternity , and lastly feeling a bit sad that Blackthorn is ending. I’m sure going to miss “the boys”.


I can’t wait to get my hands on both books! ❤ 📚

Jennifer Daniels

So excited to read both books.


Stray too far? Linds stop tugging the duvet away and hand me the popcorn.
I’m so excited for you and really excited for me! No doubt I’ll be blown away yet again.

Sarah s

Eagerly awaiting this release!!!!

Stephanie Farrant

Well my year is now looking great! It’s been a wait to read more of your words and I just know it’s going to have been more than worth it! Excited to see what you have planned for your giveaways but even more excited for those precious words of yours! Xxx

Niamh Mc Shane

Oh Lindsay I can’t wait for all of this to happen. First Haven and then blood broken it’s gonna be an exciting and I’m thinking maybe an emotional few months especially for the blackthorn finale. I’ve preordered and I’m waiting patiently. ❤️❤️❤️

Fiona Chapman

Hurrah! Only one month to go! And True Blood meets Narcos?! Wow! That’s amazing… absolutely cannot wait to read it ❤️


I am so excited for this! Counting the days