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An Exclusive Haven Giveaway

Today marks exactly TWO WEEKS until HAVEN’s publication day. I am SO excited! And I’m over-the-moon to be able to share that more 5 star reviews having been coming in for it. One of the latest has come from a reviewer already familiar with Blackthorn:

“Completely blown away by this book. I knew not to expect anything less as it was Lindsay J. Pryor writing but this was absolutely fantastic.

I can easily predict this new urban fantasy series (a duology currently) from her will be my next favorite thing. Loving the fact these books will be standalone.

Haven was utterly engrossing. It had the usual flare of Lindsay’s awesome writing, alluring world-building and her fantastic characters that I have come to associate with her after loving and following her Blackthorn series. I couldn’t stop reading this book even when I should have. But I just couldn’t. Put. This. Book. Down. It was so captivating.

I loved the plot, the contrast it has to Blackthorn, the rawness and the brutalness–the familiar unpredictability that makes you fall in love with Lindsay’s writing and the world(s) she has created.

Am I crazy to say I want a series on the Midtown and Summerton districts as well. And can we see this world on TV?

Whilst waiting for the final book in Blackthorn to come out. I’m a go dig around more on Lindsay’s website.”

YAY! 🎉

Not that we need an excuse for another giveaway, but let’s use this review anyway because I have something VERY special for you this time around!


As Piatkus wanted to do something special to mark my first ever print deal and my first book with them, my wonderful publicist has put together THREE beautifully bound SIGNED copies of the opening chapters of HAVEN in this EXCLUSIVE one-off giveaway. I’ll also tuck a sticker and signed postcard inside.

As these booklets will never be reproduced, I need to know they’re going to be well looked after. So, if you would like to be in with a chance of winning this bundle, all you have to do is reassure me you’ll keep yours safe if you win.


Tell me…


Under your pillow? In a safe? On your bookcase? Wrapped in titanium under armed guard (maybe a little extreme…)? Have fun with it or be deadly serious… just convince me yours will be OK! You have three days to think about it!


For your entry to be valid you must:

  • leave your answer in the comment thread below



  • email me via contact here on my website


The giveaway is OPEN NOW and will close at midnight (GMT) on Sunday 22nd October.

The three winners will be drawn using a random number generator and will announced by 8 p.m. (GMT) on Monday 23rd October.


  • The winner will need to claim their prize within 7 days of their name being announced. If you do not follow my blog or like my Facebook page, you will need to check back to see if your name has been selected.
  • The prize can be posted anywhere.
  • Proof of postage will be retained but prizes lost in transit cannot be replaced.
  • As with all of my giveaways, I will avoid responding to entries.

Good luck – and I’ll be back on Monday to announce the three winners. Have a great weekend!





Huge congrats to Patti, Karen and Pamela! Please email me or message me via my Facebook page with your address and I will get your prizes in the post to you asap.

As always, thank you so much to everyone who joined in. Look out for another HAVEN giveaway coming THIS THURSDAY. I’ll have three signed paperbacks up for grabs!






Amanda Perrie

What an amazing giveaway!!!!

I would love it & touch it & smell it then give Nate a special place on my bookcase right next to my Eden 🖤 (and break the fingers of anyone who tried to touch him)


I would keep mine in a clear wallet so it didn’t get shabby, but still on view, yer know…..easy accessibility an all that missus!😉😉😉 thanks for the chance Lindsay.x

Tracey Morrow

Haven will have a place on my bookshelf….right next to Caleb….but don’t worry, I have a plan to keep them apart….me!


A place of honour on my bookshelf.

Patti Hall

I would keep my HAVEN in a plastic wrap inside of a beautiful see through box on my bookcase next to all of your other books that I have protected. I would be able to see it on the shelf and know that I can read it again and again and it will always be in excellent condition for my enjoyment.


Lindsay you know my addiction to scratch n sniff….so I’ll keep Haven in a nosebag round my neck.


Oh my god, it’s so pretty!

I’d keep mine on my bookshelf next to the rest of my Blackthorn lovelies. I’m thinking you can never have too many men in your dungeon…er I mean life, obviously. I think Nate needs to come home with me. We’ll have afternoon tea and I’d look after him super swell.

Also, squee that the release is only TWO weeks away! I cannot wait to sink my teeth in. (Pun most definitely intended)

Love ya 💙

Julia S

Haven would definitely be safe on my Blackthorn shelf (which would be renamed the LJP shelf) Nate will have to be at the other end to my Jask though, with a stormtrooper or two keeping them apart 😉

dawn higgins

WOW so so lovely

Mine would be in pride of place on my Blackthorn bookshelf in a nice frame along with all my other Blackthorn hot alpha sexy males,bu he will need to come out to play at least once a week or maybe more (play is a clean word) * i am keeping this clean on here*……Shhhhhh keep this quiet i don’t want my Jask to get wind of this……2 weeks i can’t wait…..whoooo oooo


Haven will be strapped safely to my chest right near my heart where your other books are. Xx


I will keep mine in my secret bookcase ! With all the other books 📚


Fantastic review and I can’t wait to read some of the answers to your fab giveaway! 😀 xx


A well deserved fantastic review! I’m also looking forward to reading how everyone intends to cherish the awesome giveaway! And Haven release is finally getting closer…..woo hoo! <3 ya!


OMG, forgot to say where I will place Haven…….On the same shelf with Kane, but at the opposite end……..#needtokeepthepeaceamongmyguys!


I have a special shelf with all your books!! This one will be placed upon a royal velvet pillow in the place of honor it deserves!


OMG its lovely!! Dont know if i can join this giveaway since i am from the netherlands (maybe sending it over would be too much to ask) but! I bought a new bookcase especially for all my favorite loves, so i would keep it save in there, behind its beautiful metallic doors! Lots of love!


My Haven will be well protected. I will keep it on the top shelf of my closet away from my cat snowball where the rest of the house is subjected to her curious ways, my closet is a safe haven.

Melanie Malcoon

My Haven will be protected in a tote with all the other books I will keep and reread in the future. I treasure my books, religiously store them away. Reading is my sanity. I have worked with inmates for the last 19 years, and believe me, escaping into my books is the only way to stay sane. I see a lot of suffering and bad sides of people.

Sarah s

Ooohhh. Lovely review. Cannot wait to read it!!!


It will stay all safe and secure in my bedside table, right next to where I sleep at night

ma tanya rosario a villamor

I will place my HAVEN in a glass encasement like a prized treasure:-)

Fiona Chapman

Awesome giveaway! If I were to win, I would keep mine treasured forever along with my signed print-on-demand copy of the ORIGINAL Blood Shadows from Blackthorn… it’s tucked safely away in my book case 😊❤️

Thi Nguyen

Put in a protective case with my other precious collections. After feel it, read it then create illustrations dedicate to it.

Olga Key

I would display Haven in a glass case sitting on my bookcase shelf behind glass doors along with the rest of my collection of All Things Lindsay J. Pryor with a note “Look but NO Touch!!” 😉


By my bed with the rest of its neighbouring Blackthorn books. Of course Caleb stays the closest but who knows what will happen after meeting Nate! Nah… I feel Caleb will always be my number one with everyone else close behind 😂 Any book written by Lindsey will always be number one before any other authors.. She is in a class of her own and is the reason I stay with this genre. There is one other who I really like but LJP is still way ahead!💞