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We’ve Won!!

A couple of weeks ago, I told you Blackthorn had been nominated as Best Paranormal Romance 2014 in Moonrise Book Blog’s Readers’ Choice Awards. Today, I found out that WE’VE WON!

Blackthorn was not only up against some terrific titles, but both Blood Torn AND Blood Deep were up in the same category. However, the crown went to…


It seems our Jask just won too many hearts to be defeated – even by our lovely Eden (don’t worry, he’s made of stern stuff). I know some readers found it really tough to choose between the two books but either was a vote for Blackthorn, so thank you to everyone who joined in.

I’m doubly celebrating because this is actually the first time Blackthorn has ever won anything. Blackthorn had two nominations in the GraveTells Readers’ Choice Awards back in 2013 and, of course, was twice runner-up on in New Voices both in 2010 and 2011, but never quite got there. I’ll definitely be wearing the badge on my blog with pride.

Many thanks to Moonrise Book Blog for your awesome reviews which led to both Blood Torn and Blood Deep being eligible for nomination, repeated thanks to every reader who voted, and HUGE congrats to the winners in all the other categories too. 😀

Have a great weekend! xxx

More Blood Torn Bites :)

After all the unexpected excitement of the last couple of days, I’ve got some Bite catching up to do. Here’s the one I should have shared here over the weekend instead of getting overexcited about charts and stats – it’s Bite number 5…!

And today’s Bite – Bite number 6 – is thanks to the lovely reviewers over at Moonrise Book Blog who were one of the first to rate and review Blood Torn. Time will tell if other readers agree…

Tracey Rogers does! If you missed her awesome review, you can read that here. Tracey won an early copy of Blood Torn as part of a competition I ran here. Superfan indeed!

I’d also like to thank Fiona Wilson who has written a gem of a review on her blog. Thank you so much, Fiona!

If you’ve written a review of Blood Torn on your blog, Amazon or Goodreads and you want me to know about it, do give me a nudge!

Blackthorn’s a UK #1 Too!

What a few days it has been! Not only has Blood Torn been doing well in the charts since its release on Friday, yesterday I was thrilled when Blood Shadows reached the #1 spot in’s Gothic Romance chart. Then at lunchtime today, I was elated to see all 3 Blackthorn books had hit the Top 4 in the Gothic Romance chart over here on Amazon UK.

Just when I thought the excitement was over, I received word that Blood Shadows had since reached #1 in Amazon UK’s Paranormal Vampire Romance chart! Yay!!

But that’s it now – no more boring you with stats and chart positions, I promise. As you’ve probably guessed, I use this blog as a diary for myself as well as to update you, and I couldn’t possibly not have this on the records.

So thanks again to everyone who is continuing to spread the word. And also extra special thanks to my incredible publisher, Bookouture, who are working relentlessly in the background to ensure Blackthorn meets as many readers as possible. Clearly it’s working!

But before Jask starts getting jealous of Kane stealing all his limelight, I’ll end the night here in the UK with another Bite. Go on, Jask, you tell ’em…

I’ll have another Bite for you tomorrow!


The First Blood Torn Bite

Avid fans of Blackthorn who have been following the series for a while will know how this works – release day isn’t release day without a few Bites to help us out. So with only TWO days to go until the launch of Blood Torn, here’s the first of our new Blackthorn Bites. If you’ve not ‘met’ him already, here’s our hero, Jask Tao. Hope you like! As always, please feel free to share, tweet, pin, put on your own blog…whatever suits! There will be another one tomorrow! 🙂



Blood Roses Bite #17

It’s time for the final Blood Roses Bite! I hope you’ve really enjoyed the showcase since the launch of Blood Roses. Can you believe it was 3 weeks ago today? Since then, the second instalment into Blackthorn has gained more than thirty 5-star and fifteen 4-star reviews on Goodreads alone. That’s a terrific backbone to the book. Thank you to every single person who has rated it, let alone everyone who has left such detailed and awesome reviews. You’re a massive part of encouraging others to try the series for themselves, so I appreciate your support HUGELY.

So, what better way to end the Bites than with a quote straight from one of those reviews? This one comes from Janice, a fantastic reviewer at The Demon Librarian. Thanks so much for your amazing review, Janice (and, of course, Lynsey!)  – the highest of high fives to you! Here’s just a snippet of that review in Blood Roses Bite #17…

Thank you too to everyone who has shared, retweeted and pinned the Bites. One Bite in particular reached nearly 1500 people. That’s all down to you.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! And stay close for more Blackthorn news next week.


Blood Roses Bite #16

I couldn’t resist quoting another review of Blood Roses to support a Bite. This one comes from the truly lovely Tracey Rogers…thank you SO much for rating and reviewing, Tracey.

“If you’re thinking that Caleb sounds cruel and ruthless then you’re absolutely right. He is. There are many reasons to hate him. He’s a manipulative, potent and wicked vamp. Dangerous yet delicious and a true anti-hero. But equally there are reasons to love him. With a heart breaking past and an explosive attraction to Leila you just have to take him into your heart. Could Leila be the one to save him?” 

Can she?

It’s Blood Roses Bite #16…

It’s the last Blood Roses Bite tomorrow!!

Blood Roses Bite #15

As you know, I read all my reviews. To go with today’s Bite, I have to say this quote from Fiona at I Heart Books is just perfect:

“The story quickly becomes something far more when they discover that fate didn’t bring them together. They were, in fact, destined to find each other. Their lives have always been inextricably linked, and finding themselves in the situation they have ended up in was not just a random coincidence. Other forces are at work behind the scenes, forcing them both to accept the inevitable. 

But can that future be changed? Can they find another way? Or will destiny play the cruelest trick on them both, forcing them to follow their predetermined destiny, regardless of their feelings?”

Thanks, Fiona – hope you didn’t mind me quoting you!

It’s Blood Roses Bite #15…