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My Book Deal with Piatkus

I’m beyond elated to be able to reveal that I’ve signed a three book deal with PIATKUS, an imprint of LITTLE, BROWN BOOK GROUP!

Two of the books are a spin-off to my bestselling Blackthorn series (more on that in a moment) and the third is an unrelated title. Piatkus have bought world English rights in both print and eBook, with the aim to make my books available in bookshops in the UK, US and Australia. How exciting is that?

Anyone familiar with PNR and Urban Fantasy will know why I’m so over the moon about this. Piatkus are globally synonymous with the genres, publishing leading names such as Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward and Nora Roberts. Needless to say I am uber-excited to be working with their expert and passionate team on my new books.

I had the greatest pleasure meeting with my new editor – Anna Boatman (Editorial Director at Piatkus) – in December when she travelled from London to Exeter to take me out for lunch. We’d already had several phone conversations by that point and Anna had been following my work for years, so meeting her in person was the final confirmation of how much I wanted to work with the Piatkus team.

The news has been issued both in BookBrunch and The Bookseller:


As well as 2016 marking the release of two Blackthorn books, it was also a year of big decisions as to what to do once Blackthorn ended. With the finale approaching, I’d been receiving an increasing number of requests for prequels, sequels or even spin-offs from readers not ready to leave this world behind yet. I’ve always said that the Blackthorn story will end with book eight though, and I’m not going to change that. However, with a backdrop as detailed and complex as this one, there’s always been scope for a sideways step – especially with so many aspects of life in the locale that never made it into the overarching Blackthorn plot.

After revelations in interviews and blog posts that I had other stories set in the same locale, reader requests increased so I decided to give it some serious thought. Some of my favourite characters who never made it into Blackthorn soon came to mind, their stories opening up other parts to this world that my readers had yet to see. Some of those stories centred around one district in particular.

My current readers will know of Lowtown as the neighbouring district to Blackthorn. It’s where Caitlin from Blood Shadows lived, where the TSCD is based as well as the penitentiary too. However, the plight of those struggling to survive in Lowtown has remained peripheral for my readers whilst I remained focused on the Blackthorn story. Now seems to be the perfect time to delve into unexplored corners of this stratified and corrupt society and, with it, even deeper into the world.


Set against a backdrop of social unrest my readers will be familiar with, Lowtown books will retain the same dark and gritty urban feel as Blackthorn. The romances will be just as intense and the struggles just as severe.

However, unlike their Blackthorn predecessors, each Lowtown story will be a standalone. They’ll also be completely independent of the overarching plot that runs through my eight Blackthorn books. One or two familiar names or places might appear though. 😉


In 2019, I will also be bringing something brand new to my readers. As well as two spin-off titles, I have signed another book with Piatkus – one that is far removed from the familiar urban dystopia of Blackthorn and Lowtown. Expect chills and mystery set against a rural backdrop, as well as more romance of course!


I’m thrilled to finally be able to reveal this news to you – and I hope you’re just as pleased to hear it. Thank you to all of my readers who regularly contact me to share their thoughts, particularly with what you enjoy about my writing and what you’d like more of. You’ve helped shape what I’m going to do next.

Well, it’s certainly going to be a busy year ahead! Our Blackthorn finale is due for publication before the end of the year and now the first Lowtown book is scheduled for release this November. That means we’ll have double the cover reveals, double the blurb reveals, be concluding Blackthorn as well as launching Lowtown… I think we’re going to have a lot of fun with this, and I can’t wait! Of course, it also means I might not be around as much as usual for the first part of this year, but I promise I’ll keep you updated as often as possible.

Thank you for being there, for supporting my writing up to now and, by doing so, for helping this happen. 2017, here we come!!


A huge thank you to Piatkus Fiction for sharing the announcement on their Facebook page, and for all the wonderful comments already being left on their post.

And thank you to everyone who is supporting this announcement across social media. I’m truly overwhelmed! <3

Blackthorn Anniversary Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who entered and supported my anniversary giveaways both this week and last week. And, of course, a massive thank you to everyone who supported my four-year anniversary month in general – whether with likes, comments, shout-outs or shares across social media, I really appreciated it. <3 I hope you had as much fun with it all as I did!

But this is all about the winners – all chosen at random – so here goes…





The winner of the anniversary bundle and signed A3 poster of your choice is:

Claudia, please email me with your address and include which book cover you would like. 🙂



My Bookworm Blogger has also announced the winner of the signed paperback of Blood Bound and postcard as:

Linda Brandt

Linda, please email me with your address and I’ll get your prizes on their way to you!



There were also a number of winners of the flash giveaways on my Facebook page last week. If you haven’t done so already, please feel free to either email me or message me via my page to claim your prizes:

Mor Rosenberg

Linda Tudhope

Tracy Gallacher

Kara Lee Lovell Johnson

Sarajane Cotton

Jennifer Dyer

Sharon Goodley

Natasha Manuel

Suzanne Millan

Dawn Higgins

Julia Whitehouse

Veronica Morgan

Huge congrats to all of the winners! Thanks again for your support, and have a brilliant a weekend! <3

Glitches and Hitches

To all my blog followers,

You may or may not be aware that there have been issues with a number of WordPress sites due to a glitch with Jetpack. My site was one that was affected. It means that, over the past month, none of my blog followers have been receiving my emails. Unfortunately it went down a couple of days before Blood Bound’s release. We’ve been trying to rectify it in the background. If you are now receiving this email, it has all thankfully been fixed and no further problems should occur.

I’m mainly notifying you of it now because I’m currently running a giveaway that is closing at midnight (GMT) tonight. If you don’t follow me on other social media, you may not have seen it. I’m giving away two signed copies of Blood Bound and would hate for you to miss out if you would like to join in.

Let’s hope everything has now been fixed! Thank you so much for your patience.

Take care and thanks for following,

Linds xxx

Blood Bound Cover Reveal

I am beyond excited to be able to share the cover for BLOOD BOUND – the penultimate book in my Blackthorn series!

Our Eden is back! And so is Jessie too! Read on for the blurb of what’s in store…

Love can be heaven. Or it can hurt like hell.

For exiled angel Jessie, falling for Eden Reece has been her salvation. When she discovers that her angel tears, used to heal Eden, are actually poisoning him the burden of guilt is crushing.

Jessie is determined to make things right and, with Eden by her side, they are a formidable team. But with Blackthorn surrounded by an impenetrable barrier and the army of Sirius Throme closing in, their mission is a desperate one. When Jessie discovers they are up against her own kind too, it looks impossible.

Eden and Jessie don’t just need a cure, they need a way out – and have less than 48 hours to find both.

Eden will fight to the last to protect Jessie, but when they are captured and separated, demons from his past return to haunt him. Suddenly, Jessie is forced to question everything she knows about the man she loves.

Yet the most shattering twist is still to come. Because what you care about most can be your biggest weakness.

For Blackthorn to survive, either Jessie or Eden will have to make the greatest sacrifice of all…

The thrilling penultimate story in the Blackthorn series will leave you breathless.


What readers are saying about Lindsay J. Pryor:

‘I don’t think I have read such a finely executed dark PNR world before…This series truly surprised me. I didn’t think I would love it that much or be intrigued by it. I couldn’t stop thinking about these books once I was done with them… The world-building is spectacular. The characters are enthralling and addicting… Plain fabulousness.’ Gaga Over Books

‘I am completely enthralled with this paranormal series. You get so wrapped up in the story and characters that you lose track of time… This is one of my favorite series so far this year!’ Paranormal Book Club

‘This is a paranormal universe like none you have encountered before… There are stories that are so powerful, so intense that I do not believe anyone should warn you about what is to come… I truly do feel that if you love the Paranormal genre and have not yet discovered Lindsay J. Pryor or these novels then you need to read them, experience them firsthand.’ Keeper Bookshelf

I am officially addicted to this series. Why, you ask? Because Lindsay Pryor is my kind of fearless author. She isn’t afraid to “go there”, to create characters and situations that challenge me as a reader.’ The Demon Librarian

‘Not only are Pryor’s characters and fathomlessly dark love stories fabulous, but her continual world building of Blackthorn blows me away.’

‘If you’re looking for a new PNR series that has a dark world and complicated characters, then you’ll want to grab a copy of this. I can’t wait to read the next

‘She writes paranormal romance mixed with urban fantasy the way I like it – clever world-building, intense characters and no easy options for them to take.’ Nocturnal Book Reviews



There are still nine weeks to go until release day, but I’m thrilled to be able to tell you that BLOOD BOUND is up for pre-order with Amazon as of now! Other retailers will follow.

Amazon UK

Amazon US


BLOOD BOUND isn’t available for reviews yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as it is!


I’ll have much more to come before the official release, including a giveaway of early eBook copies, a reminder of who’s who in Blackthorn and, amongst other things, a few teasers from the book too. It should be good fun! 😀

Blackthorn’s Biggest Anniversary Giveaway!

Three years ago this week, Blackthorn was launched. Blood Shadows, my debut novel, was released by Bookouture on 27th November 2012. Since then, Blackthorn has gone on to sell in six figures, with over three thousand four and five star reviews. And it’s thanks to your reviews and your support that the final four books in the Blackthorn series were signed last year, as well as Blackthorn being discovered by Tantor Media who converted the first three books to audio.

My readers are such an important part of Blackthorn so, to mark the occasion and to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me, I decided to launch the biggest Blackthorn giveaway to date.

If you’re a big Blackthorn fan, this is your chance to get your hands on some Blackthorn treats – some of which are limited editions, never to be repeated. The full list of items is below, with a brief description of each. They’re listed in no particular order.


All you have to do to enter the giveaway is tell me:




It’s that simple! You can leave your answers:

  • in the comment section below, or
  • on my Facebook page (where I’m simultaneously running the giveaway), or
  • email me privately.


The giveaway is open NOW and closes Thursday 26th November at midnight (UK time). Entries after this time will not be eligible.


Anyone is eligible to enter. All entries will be assigned an entry number. Numbers will be selected using a random generator and winners will be announced this Friday evening (27th) to mark the official anniversary.

As with all Blackthorn giveaways, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are – the prizes can be posted anywhere. One of the winners in the last giveaway was on the other side of the world in New Zealand!


You can only enter your answer ONCE, but for the first time ever in a giveaway, I’m going to give you the chance to win more than one prize as well as increase your chances of winning.

Whilst ensuring I don’t exclude anyone from entering, this is ultimately a thank you giveaway so I wanted to include something extra to show my appreciation to everyone who has gone that extra step to support me and Blackthorn. So, if any of the following apply to you, tell me in your answer and your name will be entered more than once.

Let me know if you:

  • Have liked my Facebook page, follow me on social media, or follow this blog. This is worth one bonus entry.
  • Have left a review for a Blackthorn book on Amazon, Goodreads or any other relevant review site. This is worth one bonus entry.
  • Have left reviews for all five Blackthorn books. This is worth two bonus entries.

That means any one person can have their name entered up to FOUR TIMES which not only increases their chances of winning but means they could win up to four different prizes.

So it’s clear, here are some examples:

“I discovered Blackthorn on Amazon. I really like the plot twists.” Your name will be entered once.

“I discovered Blackthorn on Amazon. I really like the plot twists. I follow your blog.” Your name will be entered twice.

“I discovered Blackthorn on Amazon. I really like the plot twists. I’ve liked your Facebook page and I’ve reviewed all five Blackthorn books.” Your name will be entered four times.


As it’s three years since the release of Blood Shadows


ABOVE: There is one prize of a signed paperback copy of both Blood Shadows AND Blood Roses. These books have the original covers, as per the launch in 2012. The covers were created by top UK cover designer Henry Steadman who has designed covers for international bestselling authors such as Stephen King, Patricia Cornwell and Dan Brown. Less than fifteen signed copies of each are in circulation. I will never again be giving away signed copies of the original books, so these are a real collector’s item for avid Blackthorn fans!


ABOVE: There is one prize of a signed Blood Shadows unabridged audiobook, narrated by British award-winning actress Anne Flosnik and produced by Tantor Media. The audiobook consists of 10 discs and has a running time of 12 hours. This is the last time a signed Blood Shadows audiobook will be given away.

And now that we’ve come full-circle with Blackthorn’s latest release marking a revisit to Kane and Caitlin…


ABOVE: There is one prize of a one-off, signed Blood Dark poster featuring Kane. The poster is a superb, high-quality A2 poster print on satin 200gm paper.


ABOVE: There is one prize of a signed paperback copy of Blood Dark. Book length: 398 pages.

And to celebrate three years of Blackthorn…


ABOVE: There is one prize of a Blackthorn mug featuring the first four covers (new covers as per the relaunch).


ABOVE: There is one prize of a limited-edition (never to be reproduced) Blackthorn mug featuring Blackthorn’s four heroes.


ABOVE: There are three prizes of a signed Blackthorn high-quality postcard and keyring, featuring the Blackthorn logo as designed by Henry Steadman.


ABOVE: There are three prizes of a set of four Blackthorn high-quality postcards featuring the first four book covers. Each will be signed by me.


ABOVE: There are two prizes of a set of Blackthorn hero stickers. These are waterproof and all-weather vinyl stickers designed to last forever and can be used on everything from iPhones to bikes. They measure 74mm x 52mm. Each winner will receive one set containing all four heroes.

That’s it!

Good luck to everyone who enters! And thank you again to everyone who is supporting my series. I’ll be back on Friday to announce the winners! Have a great week! xxx

A Blackthorn Giveaway Is Coming!

This weekend, I’ll be launching not just my biggest audiobook giveaway, but the biggest Blackthorn giveaway we’ve ever done! It’s going to be fun, quick and simple to enter, so I hope you’ll enjoy joining in. I’ll have more news on what you have to do tomorrow.

No more Facebook entries

The reason I’m stepping out of the norm and doing a pre-giveaway post is because things are going to have to work differently to how they have before. With my last few giveaways, I’ve opened them for entries via Facebook as well as here on my blog, simply because I know it’s much easier for some of my readers. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do that anymore. 🙁

To my understanding, Facebook’s most up-to-date terms and conditions state that giveaways are not allowed to have comments as conditions of entry. Doing so could risk a page being shut down without notice. So, for all my giveaways this year, I’ll only be able to accept entries via this site.

I’ve also recently had it flagged up to me that any time I post on Facebook, less than 10% of my Facebook followers have it appear in their timeline. If I attach a link (which I tend to every time), it falls to even fewer. Sadly, that means many of my followers don’t receive notifications at all.

Business as usual

I’m still going to make announcements on Facebook of course, and we can still have all the interaction we have now, so please do keep supporting me there! It’ll just be different for giveaways.

With all this in mind, the only way I can guarantee that you’ll never miss out on anything is to sign up to my blog here because then you’ll get an email notification every time I have news or a new giveaway. You’ll need to sign up via the sidebar though, not the ‘Email Sign Up‘ in the tab above as that’s for notification of releases only.

I’ll be back tomorrow! 🙂

Announcing the Giveaway Winners!

Just over two weeks ago, I launched a competition for readers to cast the film version of my Blackthorn series. The prizes are a signed paperback copy of Blood Torn and/or the first three chapters of Blood Deep – also signed by me.

You could post your suggestions here, publicly on Facebook or via private message. For every character suggestion you made (one entry per character), you gained an entry number. I put all suggestions into a grid in no particular order and, using a random online generator, the numbers were selected.

The first number selected wins a signed paperback copy of Blood Torn and the second number selected wins the first 3 chapters of Blood Deep.

I’m so glad I chose to do this randomly again because I don’t know how on earth I would have chosen them otherwise.

Here we go…

The winner of the signed paperback copy of Blood Torn is… Nghiem Phuong Thi!

The winner of the first three chapters of Blood Deep (signed) is… Jen Daniels! 

You can watch the live selection process over on my Facebook page.

Huge congratulations, Nghiem Phuong and Jen!! Please send me a private message either via my contact page here or on Facebook and I’ll let you know what happens next. 🙂

And I’m really sorry if you missed out this time. 🙁

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who joined in the fun and entered. If you’d like to see all the entries (except a few I’m still trying to track down – sorry if yours isn’t there yet…), they’re now live on their very own Pinterest board. You can look at it even if you don’t have a Pinterest account. The choices are fantastic!! Some names are repeated a few times to reflect how many readers chose them. It seems Ian Somerhalder was a very popular choice to play Kane!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Blood Deep News and a Giveaway

I’ve finished writing Blood Deep! Well, in first draft anyway. As of yesterday, it’s in the hands of my publisher and editor whilst I await their verdict in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I’m left with post-exam/post-interview nerves. Let’s hope they like it!

That’s the exciting news. As a small aside, the sad news is that on Friday, days before my deadline, my beloved laptop finally gave up on me. It feels like the end of an era, not least because I’ve spent fourteen years writing Blackthorn on it. It’s now going to rest snugly in my attic with my old electric typewriter where Blackthorn begun its first outing all those years ago. Sigh.

But back to Blood Deep

So what happens next?

Before you get too excited, for those not in the know, this is just the first stage of the process. Once the story gets the nod of approval, the structural edits soon follow. After the structural edits come the line edits. After the line edits come the copy edits. A whole team will be working away in the background week after week until Blood Deep is exactly how I want it. The good news, however, is that although there’s still a wait, it might not be too much longer before my publisher let’s me announce the release date. Stay close for that one!

HUGE thanks, Team Blackthorn!

Since the release of Blood Torn back at the end of February, Blackthorn’s readership has increased day by day. Luckily for the series, many of you are wonderfully vocal with it – and this is something that certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by my publisher. I cannot thank you enough for all the amazing messages you’ve been sending my way, let alone the fantastic reviews you’ve been leaving on places such as Amazon and Goodreads. Every single review matters and makes a massive difference in helping towards more Blackthorn books being signed. So THANK YOU so much for taking time out to share your support for both me and Blackthorn.

It’s payback time with a giveaway!

So to say thank you to all my awesomely-lovely Blackthorn supporters and because it’s my 40th birthday next week, I can’t resist a giveaway. I’ve been promising this for a little while but wanted to hold on until Blood Deep was in.

The challenge is simple and hopefully fun! Could you cast ‘Blackthorn The Movie’? Did you have someone in mind when you read the books? Do you know who would make the perfect Kane? The best Leila? Have you already decided on the ideal man to play Jask Tao and head up Blackthorn’s most notorious pack?

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is write your suggestions below this post or on my Facebook page stating who YOU would cast in the title roles. Because casting is so subjective though, I’m not going to judge the winners. Instead I’m going to pick names randomly from a hat. You get an entry for every suggestion you make so the more characters you choose, the better chance you stand!

The prizes

There are TWO prizes up for grabs – again, the winner of each prize will be chosen randomly. The same person may even win both!

Are you looking at the picture of that manuscript above, wondering what’s written beyond that first chapter? I’m going to give one reader the chance to read the first three chapters of Blood Deep before anyone else (other than my publisher and editor!). It won’t be an e-copy though – I’ll send you a one-off print version signed by me.

Also up for grabs is a signed paperback copy of my last release, Blood Torn.

It doesn’t matter where you are, I’ll post both prizes anywhere – so don’t let location put you off.

The giveaway opens now and closes on Wednesday June 25th (midnight UK time). I’ll announce the winners on Friday 27th June here on my blog.

I’ll also be posting all your suggestions onto a Pinterest board dedicated to YOUR shared vision of the Blackthorn cast. I’ll share the completed board with you once the competition closes.

I’m going to be taking a short break between now and then but please do keep posting your entries! Good luck! 🙂

Blackthorn Christmas Wishes

It’s Christmas Eve! 😀

The great news:

That means it’s Christmas tomorrow. Yessss! I hope your stockings are up and the air is already feeling magical. I’m a big kid when it comes to Christmas, so I know I’m not going to sleep well tonight. Still, plenty of time to plot more of Blackthorn as I count down the hours…

The not-so-great news:

Unfortunately Blackthorn didn’t win a GraveTells Readers Choice Award. Boooo! But losing out to Jeaniene Frost isn’t all bad. 😉 Maybe next year? It was such a privilege to be nominated and I was utterly thrilled by the numbers that voted for the series – so huge thanks to everyone who headed over to GraveTells to do that.

And I just want to say a massive thanks again for all your support this year. Whether you’re new to Blackthorn or have be a part of it for a while, this journey really is so much more fun having others to share it with.

2013 is now almost at a close – just over a year since the first of the Blackthorn series was released. And there’s SO much more to come. I’ll be back in the new year with more updates, especially with only weeks to go until Blood Torn is in your hands! AND I have some other very exciting Blackthorn news too.

So here’s wishing you a fabulous day tomorrow as well as a peaceful and dream-fulfilling year ahead. Whatever you’re doing, have fun and enjoy time with those you love.

Merry Christmas, Team Blackthorn!

Linds xxxx

Kane Vs Caleb – Surviving Blackthorn



Kane and Caleb live in a dark, dangerous and violent place. Blackthorn isn’t just a third species territory (which you’ll see more of in Blood Torn) – not anymore. Instead of keeping Blackthorn exclusive, the Global Council decided it would be acceptable to use the district as an overflow system for the humans they couldn’t control in their penitentiaries – convicts of the most despicable crimes. As such, territoriality is rife in Blackthorn. Reputation to retain and maintain that territory is everything. As Caleb put it:

‘It was about survival and survival was about reputation… It meant no mercy and no second chances. Any sign of pity could be fatal.’

When it comes to reputation, Kane and Caleb’s notorious pasts have secured their places as top of the Blackthorn underworld. So far, they’ve wisely kept a distance from each other, their paths not needing to cross. Kane stays to the East and Caleb stays to the West. But who’s got the greatest advantage should we see these vampires clash?


There are three types of vampires that I have mentioned in Blackthorn so far: master vampires, Higher Order vampires (vampire royalty) and ‘lesser’ vampires. The Higher Order have secured their place to reside in Midtown under the proviso they work as advocates between the humans and vampires (and one or two other things that will be revealed in Blood Torn). The Higher Order are allowed to rule over lesser vampires in the locale. They’re forbidden from interfering in TSCD policies, but they can take matters into their own hands where allowed. In these cases, they are the judge, jury and executioner.

Kane – master vampire: Master vampires don’t come under Higher Order rule. A master vampire is purer in strength and ability than Higher Order vampires. They are also the only type of vampire than can feed on other vampires if they so choose. One on one, technically Kane should be able to beat Caleb but…

Caleb – Higher Order vampire/destined Tryan: Caleb is first introduced as a lesser vampire until his Higher Order heritage is revealed. But even his true heritage makes him no competition for Kane. But, of course, Caleb’s not just any Higher Order vampire – he’s the destined Tryan. He’s not completed the process yet, but his very choosing could set him a notch above his Higher Order counterparts. A worthy opponent for Kane after all, maybe?


The amount of territory both vampires own equates. Kane owns the East, Caleb owns the West and both own parts of the South. Caleb appears the most lucrative, with thriving businesses throughout the West, not least owning the most successful club in Blackthorn. Kane however was landowner before relocating to Blackthorn. His home where he took Caitlin at the end of Blood Shadows, hints at a wealthy past. He certainly doesn’t seem to find it too difficult to get his hands on ‘resources’ when he needs them.


Kane: Being a master vampire brings automatic respect amongst the third species (even the lycans – Jask aside for the moment, that is). As such, Kane appears to have few enemies. More so, as links with characters such as Alexander and Tamara in Blood Shadows show, his acquaintances are only too willing to help him. Alexander, in particular, equally turned to Kane for support, indicating Kane not only has respect but clout too. The TSCD’s failure to detain Kane after several decades speaks of a community that remains loyal and protective of him. Or is that too scared to cross him? With no indication of confidants, Kane appears to be an otherwise solitary character.

Caleb: Caleb’s reputation as the Higher Order’s most intrepid serryn hunter proceeds him. Anyone who can take on serryns and survive is heralded a hero in the vampire community. But far from sitting on his laurels, Caleb is also a well-connected and respected business owner. His employees, not least Hade, seem only too willing to do his bidding. The fact that word leaked out about Tay’s involvement in trying to double-cross Caleb, speaks of a community fiercely loyal to him. He also has the firm support of his younger brother and confidant, Jake.


Kane: The TSCD appear to be Kane’s only enemy, having hunted him for decades. However, it is revealed at the end of Blood Shadows and Blood Roses, that the Higher Order also appear to have a vested interest in Kane. Everyone seems to want Kane alive. That’s not a bad position to be in in Blackthorn. Unless, of course, The Alliance set their sights on Kane like they did with Caleb…

Caleb: Caleb’s enemies have been those who have envied his success. But Caleb dealing stringently and mercilessly with opposition has made these occurrences rare. He also used to have links with the Higher Order through Feinith, but that turned sour at the end of Blood Roses. I’m not sure she’s ready to forgive him for his rejection just yet. And now it seems Caleb also has The Alliance to contend with.


Kane: Kane disclosed to Caitlin that, as a master vampire, he has access to a wealth of knowledge about vampiric heritage and, as it appears by the end of Blood Shadows, the prophecies themselves. He was very guarded letting Caitlin read him, telling her of the risks of seeing his inner darkness would pose to her. Is that true, or was there something she was never meant to see?

Caleb: So far Caleb’s remained very quiet about the nightmares and visions he was experiencing in the lead up to getting the Armun tattooed on his back. He hasn’t even confided in Jake. Did what he see have a part to play in his decision to let Leila try to find an alternative? Has his exclusive insight into what’s to come put him in an advantageous position, or everyone else in jeopardy?


Both Kane and Caleb are old-fashioned warriors at heart, born leaders fearless of opposition and both loyal to their own kind. Both have served in the battlefield. Both are fiercely territorial. Methodical thinkers, astute, perceptive, strategic and manipulative in getting what they want, they are also laced with a lethal dose of charm, intelligence and charisma. Emotional disconnection is an art form they have perfected, a cocoon they have wrapped themselves in – that was until their heroines came along.

Conclusion: it’s still anyone’s game at the moment. But are their heroines a newfound strength or destined to be their downfall?

The last Kane Vs Caleb post will be up on Friday where I’ll be looking at where we left them – all ready to pave the way for Blood Torn. 🙂