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Blood Deep press release – October 2014

 Blood Torn press release – February 2014

Blood Torn by Lindsay J Pryor – Press Release by bookouture

 Blood Roses press release – March 2013

Blood Roses by Lindsay J Pryor Press Release by bookouture

The launch of Blood Shadows

Press Release from 12 November 2012 introducing Blood Shadows to book reviewers around the world!

Blood Shadows by Lindsay J Pryor Online Press Release

 Contract signing Press Release

Press Release from 30 October 2012 announcing my signing for Bookouture.

Bookouture Lindsay J Pryor Contract Press Release



About time!
Oh, I’m liking this new look.

Can’t wat for the cover reveal–technically we should be getting it a few hours earlier here (over in Canada). =D

Lindsay J. Pryor

Lol! Hi Hana. *waves in the direction of Canada* Yay – I’m thrilled you like it! The cover will be revealed in about an hour and a half… 🙂


Hi Lindsay, summer is fast approaching and I’m anxious for Book 5. Any idea on a release date? I know an outstanding series when I can read it repeatedly and it’s still great. I have read all 4 now 4 times. No kidding! Please tell me book 5 is on the way.
Thank you for bringing us blackthorn. You are doing an outstanding job and I hope you continue to blow our mind with your style. I absolutely love kane and Caleb best. But I love the rest also Eden and jask. I really would love to get feedback with an actual date.

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Barbara! I hope you’re well? Yes, I assure you Blood Dark is on the way! There are two provisional release dates at the moment, both for the Summer (obviously not June though). I’m waiting on a final decision from Bookouture as to which it will be and then I’ll be able to announce it. I promise I’ll share it as soon as it’s confirmed. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I can do that. Don’t forget I’ll be giving away an early copy too!

And thank you so much for your wonderful comment – and for taking the time to read all of my books, let alone four times!! That’s such a compliment! You’ll be very pleased to know both Kane and Caleb will be in your next installment, so hopefully that gives you even more to look forward to!

Sorry I can’t tell you more at the moment. Thanks hugely for your patience. Xx


I was just curious of any of the other series will ever be released as audio books? I have the first 3 and love listening to them. Plus I have the entire series (up to this point) in both hard copies and ebook format. But, I would really like the rest of the books in audio format as well. Just wondering….

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi there! I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed listening to the first three audiobooks – thank you! And it’s wonderful to know you have the eBooks and paperbacks too. You’re clearly a big fan. That means a lot. <3 I don't know about the rest of the series on audio. That's down to Tantor as to whether they choose to acquire more. I know a few of my readers have been in touch with them to ask for more so we'll see what happens. Thank you so much for supporting my series!

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