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It’s HAVEN’s Publication Day!

As of midnight last night, HAVEN should have landed on your e-reader or already be on its way in the post to you. It’s been an absolutely incredible day (now almost half past ten in the evening here in the UK) all thanks to a whirlwind of incredible support from my wonderful readers. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing my day with me. ❤️

As well HAVEN being the start of a brand new adventure for you, it’s also the start of a brand new adventure for me. Although you can already buy my Blackthorn series in paperback, this will be the first time ever that you might even spot my book in your local bookshop over the forthcoming months. Courtesy of my awesome new publisher Piatkus (Little, Brown Book Group), I am officially in traditional print as of today! I’ve had my first newspaper review in The Peterborough Telegraph (a wonderful 7/10 from a thriller specialist), HAVEN will be featuring in a mainstream magazine soon and I’ll also be appearing on radio for the first time ever. It’s majorly exciting for me. I can’t thank my superb publicist at Piatkus enough. Sophia, you’re fantastic!

I’m already a little overwhelmed today. Five years ago this month my publishing career launched with Blood Shadows, the first book in my BLACKTHORN series. Soon that series will be coming to an end. But now, because of your enduring support and because of your requests not to let go just yet, I’m able to show you even more aspects of this world you’ve come to love. I hope you enjoy my LOWTOWN books as much as you have Blackthorn. I certainly loved every minute of writing HAVEN for you. It’s been an incredible journey up to this point and one I’ll share with you in the forthcoming weeks.

But, for now, I will leave you in peace with your HAVEN. I’ve posted some of the events of the day below, including some of the fabulous reviews that have started to filter through. I’m overjoyed that it’s already being so well received. So thank you to every single person who has participated in today and made it so special for me.


“The plot went places I never saw coming and as always, I was left with nothing but admiration for how well Lindsay weaves her web, to the point where we’re never quite sure what path the story will take. The pacing was fast and relentless, the tension was electrifying throughout, the hot scenes were, well, sizzling (as always) and there was mystery and intrigue on every page. It’s been a while since a book got me so hooked that I spent my time in between reading thinking about what might happen next and each time I returned to it, I lapped it up and hoped it would never end. It did, of course and yes, I may have cried a little (although this was mostly due to plot, damn you LJP!).

Gritty, relentless and hot as Hell, with new favourite characters to adore and darkness and danger lurking at every turn, Haven is without doubt my PNR top read of the year so far. Five stars for this breath-taking, brutal, dark fantasy tale!” ~ Lindsey Clarke

You can read the full review HERE.

“Haven will draw you in with a compelling couple, a truly dark and gritty world, and a story that will twist, turn, anger, sadden and completely consume you.  You’ll find light in this dark world, and watch as two people defend the good that needs to survive while falling deeper into each other.  There are moments that will make you want to look away from the page – but you can’t.  Moments that will give you a smile in the midst of darkness.  

I am always amazed at the magic that authors create.  Lindsay J. Pryor has given us another paranormal world to rival Blackthorn.  Not take its place, but companion with.  Her world building, the descriptions that place me right in the middle of the action, the emotions that are drawn out of me while in her worlds always leaves me in awe.  And I don’t say that lightly.  If you haven’t read Ms. Pryor’s works yet then I would strongly, gently encourage you to take that dive off of a cliff and emerge yourself in this world.  You’ll never view Paranormal the same way again – 5 stars.” ~ Keeper Bookshelf

You can read the full review HERE.

“This book grips you right from the beginning. The goal, the motivation of the main protagonists seem clear from the start and you invest in them instantly. But then, as you get deeper, so do the goals, so does the motivation, getting more desperate, more urgent. And that’s without the conflict! My goodness does the author put them through an emotional wringer! The plot is amazingly good, simply wonderful, something that is the only thing that doesn’t surprise me about the authors writing. I’ve never been able to figure out one of her plots and Haven is no exception. Lindsay J. Pryor’s world building is perfection. The plot is skilled and engrossing. Each chapter has some snatches-your-breath revelation. The conflict builds and builds, as does the tension. The final word is perfect and deeply satisfying. Everything about this book is satisfying. Dark, gritty, urban fantasy at its absolute best. Ah, Haven. You came, I read, I cried and fell in love. I found my haven in Haven!

Pure fantasy. Pure Genius. 5 Butterfly Rating!” ~ Tracey Rogers 

You can read the full review HERE.

“This is a well paced story, with the great world building from the Blackthorn series used to great effect and enhanced in this story. I don’t think you need to have read that series to enjoy this one, as the author continually gives reminders and additional information so readers are aware of the various scenarios, rules, restrictions and expectations which apply in this dystopian community. The characters are easy to relate to and empathise with. The dramatic encounters are brilliantly brought to life in the imagination of the reader. I didn’t want to put the book down and the twist at the end is superb! I have no hesitation at all in highly recommending this to anyone who enjoys reading about suspense filled paranormal societies, with mobsters, murder, mystery, magic and romance all having key roles in the unfolding story. I can’t wait to read more in this series! 5/5.” ~ Splashes Into Books

You can read the full review HERE.

“Lindsay transports you right in the middle of the world she has created. She takes you into the heart of the action. You can smell the desperation of what it’s like to live in Lowtown, you can feel the terror, the hopelessness of being one of the unlucky folks who happened to be born into the wrong family, the wrong area. But you can also be uplifted by the spirit of the people who live there, and none more so than our heroine, Ember…

At the beginning, I read slowly, keen to make sure I followed the story, for Lindsay J Pryor’s writing is not only absorbing, but it’s also intelligent. You have to pay attention… From about the fifty percent mark, I couldn’t flick the pages fast enough… as the author has done many times before, Lindsay J Pryor surprised, shocked, and astounded me with her storytelling, her guts, her ability to make the tough calls. Her ability to pull out something amazing… and when the covers are peeled back to reveal the outcome, she definitely provides that ‘What the heck’ moment!

Make no mistake: Lowtown is dark and gritty, and gives us more than a glimpse into the depths of human depravity. But it’s also uplifting, inspiring, and shows the strength of humanity, of how there are still those with determination to do the right thing, no matter what it costs them.” ~ Passionate About Books 

You can read the full review HERE.

“Haven has all the grittiness and the rawness of her Blackthorn series. It comes with the depravity and the nitty gritty. She has this way of creating a world that in all reality should disgust you, it should make you want to run for the hills BUT you know with absolute certainty you’d run straight into those pages and into that world. It’s fantastic creativity.

It’s not just the world building that amazes me, it’s also the story itself, there are so many plot twists and second guessing. You go through one chapter thinking you know what’s coming and then bam, you hit another plot twist. If this book was a theme park ride it’d definitely be a rollercoaster…The chemistry between the two was electric. The tension palpable… It was fantastic writing.

I’m always in awe of an author’s ability to take you away from the real world and Lindsay seems to do this every time. Blackthorn will be my first love but it most definitely won’t be my last. Lowtown has just become a very real contender.” ~ Wopsywoobookblog 

You can read the full review HERE.

“I am totally speechless after finishing this story. I loved her Blackthorn series and didn’t think anything could surpass that and keep me gripped like that series did but WOW this book blew me away with how this plot unfolded, Lindsay’s attention to detail throughtout this story is just astonishing.

The depth of passion and emotion throught out this book is sheer genius from this author,she has set the bar very high,but this is what she does… this was a dark and gritty story with lots of twists along the way that you never see coming.

This book is pure genius from a fabulous author that will keep you hooked and intrigued till the last page…it is PNR at its very best. SUPERB.”

~ Book Aholic Dawn  

You can read the full review HERE.

A MASSIVE thank you to all the above reviewers for your time, effort and incredible feedback. ❤️

And before I go, thank you for all the incredible support that has come through on my Facebook Page, Twitter and all your emails throughout the day and evening too. I’m still catching up but I will respond personally as soon as I can. ❤️

Happy (if not slightly angst-ridden) reading, everyone! As always, come back safely. xxx



Thank you for the fantastic reviews that have continued to come in for HAVEN over the past week. Including:

“I can easily predict this new urban fantasy series from her will be my next favorite thing. Loving the fact these books will be standalone. Haven was utterly engrossing. It had the usual flare of Lindsay’s awesome writing, alluring world-building and her fantastic characters that I have come to associate with her after loving and following her Blackthorn series. I couldn’t stop reading this book even when I should have. But I just couldn’t. Put. This. Book. Down. It was so captivating.

I loved the plot, the contrast it has to Blackthorn, the rawness and the brutalness–the familiar unpredictability that makes you fall in love with Lindsay’s writing and the world(s) she has created.” ~ Gaga Over Books

You can read the full review HERE.

“Rich in intrigue, and twists and turns, Haven is a dark, dark PNR/urban fantasy novel of the first class. The world building is superb, so too, the action scenes—the frustration, despair and violence, scarily bold and graphic on the page.

Ember (heroine) steals the show. Here’s one woman who stands tall and brave in her own quiet way. Sure, she’ll appear to concede (when it suits her), but her intelligence always keeps her steps ahead of those who would do her, or those she cares about, harm. With Ember it’s not her physical actions you have to watch, it’s her mind! Nate (hero) is a perfect foil for her, bringing to the fore as he does, her vulnerability. Nate’s not quite an anti-hero, but he’s pretty damn close… No comment on the plot because of spoilers, but in a word, DEVIOUS.

So aside from the writing, the plot, the characters, what else raises Haven very much above the average? Well the politics, the social injustice, the raw indignation at how corruption triumphs—fact of life. But amid all that bleak there exists integrity and loyalty and love, keeping hope strong.” ~ Incy Black

You can read the full review HERE.

“I loved it. I savoured every single word. Ms Pryor delivers an urban fantasy masterclass

What stood out for me was the romance, it’s heart breakingly romantic. I’m a sucker for romance, I’ll admit I probably watch Strictly Come Dancing hoping for romance. Haven reminded me of a brilliant Viennese Waltz – beautifully romantic with constant twists and turns that left me dizzy and breathless. My heart ached and ached.

I adored Nate’s sensitivity and all male softness. He reminded me of peanut butter ice cream – cool, unexpected and with real depths of flavour… As for Ember I loved that she was determined, smart and strong without being tough or spiky. How refreshing is that? I just hope we haven’t seen the last of these two.

This is urban fantasy infused with tendrils of romance. If either genre appeal to you then this is your perfect read.” ~ Big Little Sister Blog

You can read the full review HERE.

“She’s done it again. It never fails to amaze me the incredible skill that Lindsay J. Pryor has for creating a world… Settings and plot lines and districts and locales, full-bodied characters with enough history to fill a library. The dedication she’s made to her stories; her characters, and the world in which they are embroiled, is incredible… there are plenty of sharp twists and turns and shock revelations to leave you guessing right up until the last minute, to keep you turning the page and in danger of a serious lack of sleep.

True to form, Ms Pryor has… delivered us some wonderful characters with issues akin to real life – and they’re not your average human-nature problems. These character flaws go deep – she’s not afraid to pack the layers. Because this novel is not just about romance. Or the paranormal. It’s about power, about real-life struggles. About danger. Death. Destruction. And all the crap the universe could possibly throw at you in one lifetime. It’s clever. It’s dark. It’s intense. 5 stars.” ~ Fiona Chapman

You can read the full review HERE.

I’m so appreciative of the response to HAVEN so far, as is Piatkus. ☺️

And speaking of Piatkus, I would like to say a huge thank you to my fantastic publisher for the stunning publication day flowers I received. I’m not sure if the splash of orange was an intentional link to HAVEN‘s cover but it certainly worked a treat for me. ❤️

Just to warn you, I might be a little quiet here for a while now as I immerse myself in Blood Broken again. Normal service will resume soon, I promise. Hopefully I’ll be back with some updates too. I know lots of my readers are desperate to get a publication date confirmed. I’ll let you know the second it’s agreed. I can’t wait until it’s up for pre-order either! And back to it… xxx


dawn higgins

WOW there was lots of awesome amazing Reviews,can’t beleive how quick this day has gone today,you have supassed yourself with this fantasic book HAVEN……….can’t wait to read more from Lowtown and what you have instore for us in the future……FANBLOODYTASIC Lindsay xxxxx

Lindsay J. Pryor

I’m chuffed to bits with them, Dawn. And the day flew by indeed! I can’t believe I’m still catching up – hence the late reply (with my apologies). Thank you so, SO much! I’m beyond thrilled you enjoyed Haven. Thank you for such a fabulous review. xxxx


Fabulous reviews!!!! Will be sinking my teeth into this one this weekend!!!

Lindsay J. Pryor

Thank you, Sarah!! Ooo – I do hope you enjoy it!! Have fun!! (And I love the pun. 😆)

Linda B

Awesome reviews so far. I’m sure there will be a lot more as word reaches more readers. I just started Haven today and am totally hooked!

Lindsay J. Pryor

I’m over the moon with them, Linda. And still more are coming in. I’m so pleased my readers are enjoying it. And that’s brilliant to know you’re hooked on Haven already – thank you!


What fantastic reviews and I can’t wait to hear you on the radio! You will tell us when it’s going to air? It’ll take me back to my teenage years when I used to listen to the top 10 and get this… TAPE THEM haha. Im so happy for you and for me because I finally get to read Haven! Congratulations, Lindsay! You deserve every fab review you receive but pfft to the 7/10 – it’s infinity all the way baby and I can’t wait to find one of your books on the shelves!!!!

Lindsay J. Pryor

I’ll definitely let you know when I’m going on air, Ange. It’ll be recorded so I’ll post a link when the time comes. As for listening to the Top 10 on the radio, I remember that, lol! AND rushing to the cassette player to record my favourites! Aww. Thank you so very much for your kind words about Haven. Ah, trust me, 7/10 was a fab score from a non-vamp reader – especially when you’re on the same page as Karen Rose getting a 9. 😉 Always believe in infinity though. <3 And I want a pic from the first person to spot Haven on a shelf! 😀

Suzanne M

Oh happy day!!! Congratulations on Haven’s publication day! As you have no doubt seen on your Facebook page, I posted a screenshot of my ipad Kindle app with the gorgeous cover of Haven, all downloaded and ready for my greedy little eyes to feast upon. With such gloriously fantastic reviews (and based upon how much I am addicted to your Blackthorn series), I know Haven is sure to live up to every nail-biting moment that I have been anticipating it. The only question is…will Nate unseat my delicious Caleb as my anti-hero-of-choice? 😉 xo

Lindsay J. Pryor

I saw it, Suzanne! It still freaks me out that someone across the pond has my book on their kindle! I LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing it. ❤️ Ah, yes, I’m very fortunate with the reviews so far. Everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying Haven – or staying quiet if they don’t, lol! I hope it meets your expectations. As for Nate… whatever the outcome, we can keep that between us. Caleb will never need to know. 😉 xo


Aww, such fantastic support for a fantastic author! Happy publication day!

Lindsay J. Pryor

Thank you so much, “Aslan”. (I still love that!) It was a fabulous day. So much wonderful support from my readers. I really appreciated it.

Tracey Morrow

Only the beginning, Ms Pryor…
Fabulous reviews, well deserved. No doubt many, many more to come.

Lindsay J. Pryor

Aww, thank you, Tracey. I’m chuffed to bits with the reviews so far. I’m relieved Haven is being received so well. I know a lot of Team Blackthorn were very apprehensive if they would enjoy Lowtown as much.

Fiona Chapman

What an absolutely amazing response for your release day! So happy for you. And thank you for giving us Haven xxx

Lindsay J. Pryor

It’s been brilliant, Fiona. I’m so overwhelmed by such a wonderful response again. My readers truly are the best. Ah, and thank YOU for choosing to read it. xxx


Great reviews lovely to know you had a good release day.xx

Lindsay J. Pryor

It was terrific, Chelle. Thank you so much for being a part of it. xx


Great reviews. Loving the book so far.

Lindsay J. Pryor

That’s fantastic to hear. Thank you, Karin!


Amazing reviews Lindsay, well deserved, haven’t read mine yet…..want to savour it a bit longer, 😈😈😈 it’s gonna be so full of awesomeness and I’m so excited to start. Congratulations missus.x

Lindsay J. Pryor

Thank you so much, Kellie. Even now it’s still sinking in. I’m so chuffed my readers have been enjoying it. And you’re still savouring?? I wonder when you’ll break… 🤔😃😍📖 I hope you thoroughly enjoy it when the time comes. xx

Jane Hunt

Looking forward to reading Haven Lindsay x Wishing you lots of sales 🙂

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Jane! Oh, it’s lovely to have you back! Thank you so very much. I’m chuffed you’re planning on reading it. xx


A fantastic round up of so many wonderful reviews. I’m so thrilled for you! Hope you had the best release day ever, you deserve it! xxx

Lindsay J. Pryor

It was an amazing day, Tracey. Thank you. I can’t believe even now I’m still catching up! My poor neglected blog commenters! ❤️ Thanks hugely for being a part of it. xxx


Some fantastic reviews so far! Congratulations on haven release day Lindsay. I has arrived on my e reader and I am looking forward to settling down and getting stuck in xx

Lindsay J. Pryor

I’m over the moon with them, Delphine. I’m just so glad Team Blackthorn are taking to Lowtown. And thank you so much! xx

Julia S

Fantastic reviews Lindsay, I have just finished Haven and I am in total agreement with the views on this awesome book. I’ll add mine to the mix shortly 🙂
And how exciting, I can’t wait to see Haven in print in actual bookshops!! I will jump up and down and snap a pic before getting thrown out 😆
Congratulations on another wonderful book xxx

Lindsay J. Pryor

Oh, that’s fantastic to hear. Thank you, Julia! As for you planning on writing a review, I really appreciate that. It means a lot. ❤️
I know! I can’t wait for it to happen either! I’ll be setting everyone on a “Where’s Wally” type of mission. 😆 It’s going to be so exciting! xxx

Demei Sprewell

What wonderful reviews!! I’m so tempted to read via my kindle but I’ll continue to be patient and wait for my paperback copy. Lindsay, you’re an awesome author!! I’m so glad to have discovered your books!!

Lindsay J. Pryor

Thank you so much, Demei. I’m thrilled with them as I’m sure you can imagine. Ah, I’ve taken so long to get back here that I see you’ve now started Haven on your kindle. I do hope you enjoy it! Paperbacks won’t reach the States until next year. I get the feeling you couldn’t have waited that long. 😉 Aww – and thank you. You are too kind. And I’m so very glad you discovered my books too.


Amazing reviews!! I hope you had a fantastic release day xx I’m reading Haven now and loving it ☺❤ xxx

Lindsay J. Pryor

It was fantastic, Helen. Such a good day. Can you tell? I’m still catching up! And that’s wonderful to know you’re underway with Haven yourself. I’m so pleased to hear you’re enjoying it. Thank you! xxx

Sonja Sharp

Amazing reviews, and look forward to reading it after I finish re-reading the the Blackthorn series. I was hoping (one can only dream) that by the time I had finished book 7, Blood Broken would be ready for release…unfortunately I didn’t factor several things into account: a) my enjoyment and therefore my speed reading to turn the page faster; b) rediscovering new aspects (plot twists elements I had kind of missed in my haste the previous time) that made the story line so much more enriching, intense, and therefore made me read faster (again); and c) my complete inability to pace myself on my journey of re-discovery into the world of Blackthorn (result: pages were being turned faster than you could count!)…but hey now I have Haven to tide me over as well….sorta😜
Good luck with Blood Broken and thanks for your wonderful writing.

Lindsay J. Pryor

I love this comment so much!! That you for putting a HUGE smile on my face, Sonja.❤️ In fact I’ve taken a screen shot to keep on my phone so I can read it every time I need a little boost. I really hope you enjoy Haven while you await your finale. Thank you for your lovely words – I appreciate them a great deal.