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About Blackthorn


*An Amazon UK and US #1 bestselling series*


BLACKTHORN is the nucleus of a locale set in an alternative reality. In this urban dystopia, disadvantaged humans and the ‘third species’ are forced to reside together under an oppressive system governed by the privileged humans of this new world order. Dark and intense romances dominate this backdrop of social unrest as four couples become the catalyst for change.

BLACKTHORN is an eight-part series with an overarching plot running throughout. The books are therefore best read in order.

If you are interested in finding out more about BLACKTHORN books, please click below. 

BLACKTHORN, Lindsay’s debut series, is published by Bookouture (Hachette UK).

Her spin-off LOWTOWN series is being published by Piatkus (Little, Brown Book Group/Hachette UK). 

* * *


When the third species (hominids such as vampires and lycans) resolved to openly proclaim their existence, an abundant number of humans were fearful for the safety of themselves and their families. Something had to be done.

A human-only Global Council was formed to define the new social structure and set up global laws in managing this. All third species were defined as second-class citizens until they proved themselves to be as low risk as they claimed.

They’re still trying to prove that.

Unfortunately for them, whispers of vampire prophecies foretelling of the overthrowing of the human regime has not helped their plight. In fact, it’s only given the Global Council more reason to maintain divisions, especially as they’re already dubious that the third species self-disclosure was part of those very prophecies humans need to ensure never come into fruition.

(Please be aware: This trailer contains the original Blood Shadows cover.)



‘Locales’ have replaced previously divisible villages, towns, cities and states. Every locale is made up of four districts, each district spanning out from the nucleus where the third species reside.

The Blackthorn series is based around one locale consisting of Blackthorn, Lowtown, Midtown and Summerton. Each district is divided by guarded borders that become increasingly secure the further away from the nucleus they are.





This is the nucleus – the polluted, over-populated, rotten core of the locale. It is the district where vampires (and the fewer numbered lycans) are forced to live. They’re given the dregs in terms of location, provision, opportunities and rights. It is also used as an overflow system for law-evading humans (cons) extradited from the penitentiary across the border in Lowtown. These humans are tagged and unable to leave Blackthorn.


Across the weakly managed border of Blackthorn is Lowtown. Here humans and the third species strive, without choice, to reside together. It’s where the lowest in the human social hierarchy dwell. Provision is poor as are opportunities. Many earn from being feeders to vampires, a role that subsequently prevents them from social development into Midtown. The third species (primarily vampires) that reside there are ‘approved’ e.g. have indicators of academic potential or social acquiescence. Other than those tagged cons, residents of Blackthorn can cross the border into Lowtown during night hours, but all non-residents must return to Blackthorn an hour before dawn. Curfew Enforcement Officers ensure that happens.


Across the border from Lowtown is Midtown. It is predominantly human occupation. All human residents are professional, social or academic contributors. Places are maintained by continually meeting set standards. The only vampires allowed into Midtown are the most elite e.g. diplomats of the vampiric Higher Order (vampire royalty) or those selected for medical procedures to assist humankind. The border is closely guarded.


Across the tightly safeguarded border from Midtown is Summerton. It is an elite, human-only district and the most exclusive, privileged and luxurious. It offers the best in housing, education and lifestyle opportunities. Pollution is minimal, there are greener spaces and is the only district to have access to water e.g. lakes or coastlines. Residents are top of the human social hierarchy. Places have to be earned and maintained through significant academic or social contribution. Residents of Summerton are free to wander wherever they choose, but very few leave the district.



Third Species Control Division (TSCD)

This is the centre of law enforcement responsible for overseeing third species matters. It consists of the:

  • Vampire Intervention Unit (VIU), Lycan Intervention Unit (LIU) and Demon Intervention Unit (DIU) These units deal with low-key responses to crimes, law and order, maintaining peace and dealing with disputes.
  • Vampire Control Unit (VCU), Lycan Control Unit (LCU) and Demon Control Unit (DCU) These are the elite, specialist units involved in tracking and convicting known law-evaders or those with detrimental influential power.
  • Curfew Enforcement Unit (CEU) An elite force managing the curfew system in place between Blackthorn-Lowtown border and, when needed, the Lowtown-Midtown border.
  • Unidentified Species Unit (USU) The unit responsible for identifying any third species not fitting current criteria.





Blackthorn: A Dark and Twisted Fairy Tale?

Behind the name: Why Blackthorn is called ‘Blackthorn”

Being Different

The Third Species and their Shadows

The Regulations (including the formation of the locales)

Rules of Conduct



What Blackthorn Vampires Can’t Do

What Blackthorn Vampires Can Do

Fangs and Feeding Part 1

Fangs and Feeding Part 2



Creating and Naming Blackthorn’s Most Pivotal Pack

Blackthorn Lycans Vs Lycan Myths

Introducing the Lycans into Blackthorn



Kane and Caitlin (Blood Shadows)

Caleb and Leila (Blood Roses)

Jask and Phia (Blood Torn)

Eden and Jessie (Blood Deep)



*WARNING: This table contains spoilers for the first six books* 

Heads up The Alliance – a human vigilante group.
Employed Phia.
Led in the assassination attempt against the Dehains.
In a relationship with Jake Dehain.
Youngest of the three McKay sisters, Leila being the eldest and Sophia the middle sister.
Helped trick Leila into entering Blackthorn to save Jake.
Acquaintance of Kane Malloy.
Gave Kane the herbs for the soul transference in Blood Shadows.
Eden’s sister-in-law.
Mother to Honey and wife to Billy.
(Higher Order)
Running for a political position in the Global Council, representing third species rights.
Younger sister of Kane Malloy.
Set-up and murdered by the TSCD.
Works for Tamara in her curiosity shop in Blackthorn.
Eden’s older brother.
Father to Honey and husband to Amanda.
CAITLIN PARISHBlood Shadows NEW Createspace.inddHuman (shadow reader)
Love interest of Kane Malloy.
VCU agent.
Stepdaughter to Max.
CALEB DEHAINBlood Roses NEW Createspace.inddVampire (of undisclosed Higher Order descent)
Love interest of Leila McKay.
Older brother to Jake.
Rules the west side of Blackthorn.
Pending Tryan: the prophesied leader for the vampire uprising.
CLAIRE Human (deceased)
Mother to Leila, Sophia and Alisha McKay.
Killed by a vampire in Midtown when the three sisters were young.
Researcher at The Facility.
Lycan pack’s Beta and Jask’s best friend.
Partner to Solstice. Father to Tuly.
Alliance member.
Friend of Sophia.
(now super-human due to consuming angel tears)
Love interest of Jessie.
Curfew Enforcement Officer (CEO) with the TSCD.
Younger brother to Billy, brother-in-law to Amanda and uncle to Honey.
Jask’s previous soulmate.
Mother to Rone.
Passed away during childbirth.
FEINITHHigher Order vampire (vampire royalty)
Love interest of Caleb.
Betrothed to Jarin of the Higher Order.
Diplomat between the vampires and the humans.
First tempted Caleb into hunting serryns.
Son of a con.
Caleb’s loyal right-hand man who helps run Caleb’s club.
Pummel’s right-hand man.
Daughter to Billy and Amanda. Eden’s niece.
JAKEVampire (of undisclosed Higher order descent)
Caleb’s younger brother.
Love interest of Alisha.
His drinking a girl to death prompted Leila’s journey to Blackthorn.
JARINHigher Order vampire (vampire royalty)
Betrothed to Feinith.
Caleb’s older brother, Seth, used to be his bodyguard until Jarin wrongfully disgraced him.
Responsible for funding the assassination attempt against the Dehains.
Lycan leader
Love interest of Phia (Sophia).
Rules the north side of Blackthorn.
Envoi (messenger angel)
Love interest of Eden.
Banished by her parliament and bound by a spell as punishment.
Has seen and recorded the prophecy.
Bound to the con Pummel.
KANE MALLOYBlood Dark Lightning Source.inddMaster vampire (dual feeder of both blood and energy)
Love interest of Caitlin.
The VCU’s most wanted vampire in Blackthorn.
Runs the east side.
Older brother to Arana (deceased).
Caitlin’s mother.
Killed by a soul ripper.
LEILA MCKAYBlood Roses NEW Createspace.inddHuman.
Interpreter (non-practicing witch) and serryn (rare form of witch whose blood is poisonous to vampires)
Love interest of Caleb.
Eldest of the McKay sisters.
Head of the VCU (ex LCU agent).
Caitlin’s boss.
Stepfather to Caitlin.
One of the four responsible for Arana’s murder.
Employee of the TSCD.
Caitlin’s partner in Blood Shadows, now the temporary head of the VCU and TSCD since the trial.
Con linked to Pummel’s row. Tried to honey-trap Eden.
Blood Torn Lightning Source.indd
Human (then serryn)
Love interest of Jask.
Middle sister to Leila and Alisha.
Member of the human vigilante group, The Alliance
responsible for the assassination attempt on the Dehain brothers.
PUMMELHuman/con (convict)
Key player in the south side of Blackthorn: con territory.
VCU agent.
Killed by the soul ripper.
One of the four responsible for Arana’s murder.
Ex VCU agent. Worked with Caitlin’s father, Rick.
Caitlin’s ex.
One of the four responsible for Arana’s murder.
Jask’s son.
Head of the Global Council, also head of all the TSCD divisions globally.
Wants to eradicate the third species - particularly vampires and lycans - once he learns how to transfer souls.
Partner to Corbin, Jask’s beta.
Mother to Tuly.
Key member of Jask’s pack.
witch (practicing)
Kane’s friend.
Provided Kane with the book for the soul transference in Blood Shadows.
Con in Pummel’s row.
Daughter to Corbin and Solstice.
Chief of the TSCD.
One of four responsible for Arana’s murder.
Acquaintance of Kane Malloy.
Had one of his wings removed by the Angelic Parliament.
Was used to temporarily close the fourth dimension in Blood Dark.

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I have read all the Blackthorn series and can’t wait for the next one! Once u start reading them, their hard to put down .

Lindsay J. Pryor

That’s wonderful to hear, Kristy. Thank you! I’m thrilled you’re enjoying them so much. I hope it continues. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to comment. X

Marcia Wilson

I just found your Blackthorn and it is a super, sexy, suspenseful book. I cannot wait for the next in the series to release. Thanks so much for creating such a great story and I’m definitely looking forward to every book in the future.

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Marcia! Aw, thank you so much. 🙂 It’s always so good to get positive feedback and I’m thrilled you enjoyed Blood Shadows. It won’t be long before Blood Roses is released – hopefully you’ll enjoy that just as much. Take care!


Just found your Blackthorn Books, and could not put them down
They are great, can not wait till the3rd one is released.

Lindsay J. Pryor

Oh, thank you SO much, Irene – and for letting me know! We’ll hopefully have news about Blood Torn’s release before too long. 🙂


Found your Blackthorn books on Amazon, which I’ve read via my kindle – great stories, have re-read them and cannot wait for the next one….and the one after that ; ) They can’t come quick enough!

Lindsay J. Pryor

Thanks so much, Vicky! I’m so pleased you enjoyed them. And it’s great to know you’re waiting for more. 🙂 Blood Torn will be out soon and hopefully I’ll also have some news on book 4 before too long.


I also only just found the Blackthorn Series which was recommended on Maryse’s books blog. I’ve read all 3 books this week as I could not wait to see what happened next! I’m really looking forward to the next book. Thank you so much!

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Lisa. And thank you so much for getting in touch – I really appreciate it. I’m so pleased you enjoyed your first three instalments into Blackthorn – enough to be looking forward to the next. That’s fantastic to know. It won’t be too long!


Will theses books be available in Nook format anytime soon?

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Angie. The Blackthorn books were previously available in Nook format, but my publisher removed them last week. This was due to a pricing battle between the major retailers dropping Blackthorn prices below a beyond-reasonable level. The aim is to have them back on Nook (U.S. only though) in due course. If you’d like to be notified when that happens, please feel free to leave your email address privately through my contact details above and I can arrange you be notified when it happens. Alternatively, the eBooks are still available in other formats, such as Kindle. Sorry if any of this is a disappointment to you.


loved, loved, loved these books!!! can’t wait for blood deep!! do you think it will be out later this year or not until next year?

Lindsay J. Pryor

Thanks so much, Nikki! That’s fantastic to know! Blood Deep will most definitely be out later this year – the date has been set for a while, I just can’t announce it yet. You can sign up if you want to be sure not to miss it – or just keep a close eye on this blog where all the build up happens before release day. 🙂


I can’t wait to continue the adventures of the blackthorn books, I couldn’t put them down. Omg, my new favorite series hands down!

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Chelcie! Yay – that’s fantastic to know!! I’m so thrilled you’re loving Blackthorn that much. You’ll be pleased to know there’s lots more to come! 🙂

Charles Phipps

I’m really impressed and can’t wait to dive into all this. I can’t wait to read it all. It shows a real commitment to world-building to take time to do all of these articles. I kind of regret we haven’t seen more of the other districts.

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Charles! It’s so difficult with a world this big and developed to get everything into the stories. Sometimes being stern with the editing means losing certain facets – and I have had to cut aspects of the other districts out to stay focused on each storyline. But you will get to see more!

I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts. They came off the back of readers wanting to know more as well as a few ‘critiques’ telling me how vampires and such like are “supposed” to be and that I’d got it wrong. I’m a fervent fan of artistic license as you can tell – especially when most of these legends are based on centuries of manipulation, interpretation and evolvement anyway, not least other authors’ perceptions too.


I just finished reading one of your books for the first time. It was awesome. I am a huge fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon and now you. How incredible to find another series that I just can’t put down.

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Debra. Thank you so much! And wow – to be in the same sentence as Sherrilyn Kenyon is such a compliment. I hope you continue to enjoy Blackthorn as you venture further. Thanks hugely for getting in touch. 🙂


Just finished the third book of the series and am looking forward to #4.
Lycans and vampires are third species. Humans are first, I think. I am wondering who is part of the second species? 🙂

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Christina! That’s great to know! The second species are humans with additional skills, so Caitlin (shadow reader), Leila and Phia (serryns) would class as second species. I hope that helps! Always feel free to ask questions. Thanks for visiting. 🙂


I just finished all three books and am dying with anticipation as I await Blood Deep ! I am a huge fan of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series and was recommended your books as being very similar in style. I was not disappointed and became immediately enthralled in Blackthorn and all of its inhabitants. The last book, Blood Torn, was by far my favorite and I read most of the book with my mouth gaping open or screaming at the characters. I cannot wait to read more about them all and to see how they will all come together to win this was!

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Tacoya! That is just awesome to know – thanks SO much for getting in touch. 🙂 As for Blood Torn, I wrote most of it with my mouth gaping open (not a pretty sight) or screaming at the characters (a lot of tutting too!), so you’re not alone. There’s so much more to come, so I’m thrilled you’re looking forward to more. <3

riga kreinhoefer

Just finished reading the 3 books loved them, the characters,the story lines fast moving and sexy, I can not wait for the follow up!! Thank you for giving me a place to be that has helped me to deal with real life which has been very difficult since my Husband Klaus passing. Books alone have kept me from loosing my mind….Riga <3

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Riga. Heck, I can’t tell you what a difference comments like yours make. I’m so very sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. My books kept me going when I lost my Dad – they too helped me deal with the difficulties we have no choice but to face in real life. If Blackthorn has helped you just in the smallest way, then it makes it so worthwhile sharing it with readers like yourself. I’ve always felt books can be one of the greatest sanctuaries. Thanks you so, so much for stopping by to comment. <3

riga kreinhoefer

Lindsay, Thank you for your thoughts,and books are a sanctuaries indeed….Riga <3

Lindsay J. Pryor

Thank you, Riga, for being one of the people to inspire my latest post. Your email really did mean a lot. <3

Debbie Turk

I’m a huge PR fan & have just come across your Blacthorn Series, well book 1, book 2 is ready to start 🙂
I wanted to let you know I loved it. I was so glad you didn’t compromise who Kane or Caitlin were for the sake of love!! I’m a sap but I hate strong men & women becoming someone they aren’t for the sake of a plot!!

I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the books. I’ll be leaving reviews on Amazon.


Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Debbie,

It’s fantastic to know you enjoyed Blood Shadows. Ah yes, I don’t believe in compromising characters either. It sometimes gets me into trouble, but I think characters should stay true to who they are. I’m thrilled you’re looking forward to the rest of the series. And thank you so very much for leaving a review – I massively appreciate that. 🙂 X

Lindsay J. Pryor

I just read your review, Debbie. It is so passionate – I love it! Again, huge thanks. X

Saundra Madden

Will there be a fifth book?

Lindsay J. Pryor

There will be, Saundra. I’m writing it as we speak. I’ll have more news soon. If you’re not a regular here though and worry about missing its release, you can always sign up for an email notification when it becomes available next year. Just visit the bottom of my “Books” page to find the link. 🙂

Ashley Henderson

WOW!! Just finished this awesome series! I will be on pins and needles until I find out what lies ahead in book five! After each book I thought they wouldn’t, couldn’t get any better but THEY DID!! The twists, turns, romance, and suspense kept my eyes glued to this series! I can’t decide which couple I like the best?! It’s going to be so interesting to see how they all unite to fight, hopefully, for the same cause,”freedom” (well that’s my hope anyway 😉 ) Lindsay, you sure know to weave an intricate story, bravo :)……Now please tell me I don’t have to wait much longer for book 5?? 🙂

Patiently waiting,

Lindsay J. Pryor

WOW back at you, Ashley! What a fantastic comment to leave – thank you SO much! I’m thrilled to read how glued you’ve been so far, and that you’re looking forward to more. That’s one of the best things I can read. No, you don’t have to wait too much longer – Blood Dark will be released in the Summer (UK Summer), so we’re nearly there! 🙂 And there will be plenty of uniting before the series concludes, don’t worry. 😉 Thanks hugely for stopping by to comment and support Blackthorn, I really appreciate it.


I have just read the first three books again before reading the fourth book and I have to say brilliant

Lindsay J. Pryor

That’s really kind of you to say so, Lisa. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and let me know how much you’ve enjoyed them all. I hope it continues. 🙂


I came across these after reading books from Dannika Dark. I just totally fell in love with them all. They’ve each gotten better as the story has progressed. I love reading & I end up always reading them so quick because I can’t put them down once I start. I’ve re-read them & can’t wait until the fifth book comes out & what happens with the charcters & how they all come together. Thank you for some great books. Reading helps me unwind after a long day.

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Heidi. Thanks hugely for your terrific comment! I’ve heard lots about Dannika Dark, so I’m privileged that you found Blackthorn along the way. I’m thrilled that you’ve fallen in love with the series so far, and enough for re-reads too! It’s always great to hear when each of my books takes that extra step on from the last. I’m glad you’re looking forward to more. Thanks for choosing to unwind with Blackthorn. 🙂


I love these books, they are so well written and the characters so developed, I was so upset though when I purchased the audio book and Anne Flosink sounds like a robotic voice over, she murdered the book!

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Lids (Lidia)! Can I just say I’m thrilled to hear you’ve loved Blackthorn so far – thank you hugely for letting me know. But I’m so terribly sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the audio version. I guess that’s the one risk with book-to-audio conversions. I do hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the series though.


I just finished reading your 4 books and loved it. Couldnt get enough of it and cant wait to read your next book. I pray for another solution then caleb or phia’s death. Even more so then the fact that technicaly speaking she isnt the one caleb bite. I hope Leila finds another solution.

Lindsay J. Pryor

That’s absolute brilliant to know – thank you! Just to reassure you that Leila has been working hard in the background on that other solution. She doesn’t want to lose either Caleb or Phia, so fingers crossed!


I am HUGE fan. I have read the first three books in the Blackthorn series and they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! The audio version made them all the better and I was wondering if there will be a audio version of Blood Deep and if so when will it be available?

Lindsay J. Pryor

Oh wow – thank you, ZsaZsa! (Not sure if I should put a space in there – sorry!) It’s lovely to ‘meet’ you. I’m so, so pleased you’ve enjoyed the first three books – and the audio versions too. That’s fantastic to know. I haven’t heard from Tantor as to whether there are any plans for Blood Deep to be converted to audio as yet. I’ll post it here if it happens though!


I absolutely love this series. I couldn’t put any of the books down. I love how each book tells an independent love story yet ties them all together. I am anxiously awaiting September 23rd!

Lindsay J. Pryor

Thank you so much, Christina! A huge, warm welcome to Blackthorn! And I’m thrilled that you like the way I’ve put the series together. I hope you enjoy Blood Dark just as much as you’ve enjoyed the others. If you get a chance, do enter my giveaway that I’ll be posting about later and then you might not have to wait that long! 🙂


I spend a lot of time reading as I’m at home with my MonSter (multiple sclerosis). I have loved reading your series. True escapism over the last few weeks as I have read them one after another. Thank you for taking me to a new realm and taking my mind off ‘home’ issues. Lovely to find a UK author of this genre. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next book already. Xx

Lindsay J. Pryor

Thank you so much, Chezza. I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed Blackthorn so far. I always like to think of my books as offering pure escapism, so to know they have achieved that for you means a lot to me. I really hope you continue to enjoy the rest of my series as much. And, yes, I’m flying the flag for UK authors in this genre as best I can. Thanks hugely for your support. xxx


Hi Lindsay,

I was wondering if you were going to release any more books in your Blackthorn series?
Would love to read book 6?

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Cindy,

I certainly am. 🙂 There are 8 books in total in the Blackthorn series, with the finale scheduled in for release next year. Book 6 (Blood Instinct) is out on May 5th and – hopefully – book 7 (title to be revealed in the next couple of weeks) will be out later this year. The series has an overarching plot and has all been pre-planned so it will definitely end after book 8 – no cliffhangers!

dawn higgins

Hi Lindsay,
So love the cover of Blood Instinct ( THEM EYES ) cant wait now to read all about Jask and Phia,just a quick question after the final book 8 next year, r u going to be doing a spin off as i know that all us Blackthorn groupies will be having downers with that last book in the series being finished….just a though to put out there.Dawn xxx

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Dawn!

I’m so chuffed that you like the new cover!

That’s a really good question. I’ve been asked it a number of times now, so I think I’m going to need to do a short blog post to answer it at some point. But, for now, I will say that this Blackthorn saga is going to be neatly tied up by the end of the 8 books. I would never rule out a spin off though. 😉 xxx

Patricia Moses

I’m so addicted to Blackthorn! And I’ve gotten my mom addicted too. I’m so excited when the books come out, I just finished Blood Instinct. In like three hours. I really should drag it out cause I get so upset when I’m done and it’s months til the next one lol. I can not wait to see where this goes. I’m eager to know more about Jessie and Eden, and of course Caleb and Leila. I so want Rob and Throme to get their come uppance. Is that horrible?!

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Patricia! Firstly, I’m so very sorry for my delayed response. I’ve been locked away in Blackthorn working on book 7 making sure I don’t keep you waiting too long for the next instalment. I’m thrilled you’re enjoying Blackthorn so much – and that you’ve roped your mom into the addiction too! That’s brilliant to hear. 🙂 Ah, and you are far from alone in wanting Rob and Sirius Throme to get their comeuppance. I’m not sure who my readers want to suffer more at the moment – them or Feinith!! Thanks so much for stopping by to leave a comment – I really appreciate it.


Hi Lindsay,

Just wanted to say thank you for this amazing series. I am a bit embarrassed to say that I hadn’t heard of your series before the Alpha Showdown but I am so glad that I got to read your books. I finished all 6 of them in 3 days and can’t wait for the next one!! Once again thank you😊😊.

Lindsay J. Pryor

Thank you so much, Natasha! I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far! All six books in three days… wow!

The Alpha Showdown was huge fun and a fantastic way to find new books to read. Needless to say I’m so pleased you decided to try Blackthorn for yourself. 🙂

Thanks for getting in touch. I hope you enjoy the final two books as much as you’ve enjoyed the others. Take care! <3

KaraLee Johnson

Is the last Blackthorn novel due out by the end of the year or are the lowtown books due out first. I’m so excited for both just preparing myself to watch for them when the hit the Kindle list.

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hey again! I’m really hoping they will more or less coincide. The first Lowtown book is certainly due for release in November (it won’t spoil the Blacktorn finale if it’s read first as it has no bearing on that storyline) and I’m working flat out to try and get Blackthorn out that month too (or soon after). Don’t worry, I’ll announce preorders so I’ll make sure you don’t miss either. Thanks so much for your query, KaraLee. <3


Hi I just started blood shadows on eAudiobook and am looking for the rest of the searies?
what form is your searies in?

Thank you

Lindsay J. Pryor

Hi Gina,

All seven books of the Blackthorn series (book eight – the series finale – is coming soon) are available in eBook as well as paperback across various retailers. The first three are available in audiobook too.

Haven, the first book in the spin-off series (Lowtown), is available in eBook and paperback – again across various retailers.

I hope that helps! I’m really pleased to hear you’ve discovered my books.

Take care,

Lindsay 🙂

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