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I’m a Character in a Book!

Five years ago today I was published for the first time, launching my writing career with the first book in my Blackthorn series. I marked the day today by working on Blood Broken, the final book.

Anyone who has been supporting me for a while will know I always celebrate Blackthorn’s anniversaries with blog posts and giveaways. I’m holding back on all of that for now though until our finale’s release, especially with it not being far around the corner.

In some ways it feels a long time since Blood Shadows was published, in other ways time has passed so quickly. I now have eight books out there (Haven: A Lowtown Novel included in that), am almost at the end of Blood Broken, and am underway with the second Lowtown book too.

It’s been a unique journey from day one. It’s certainly never been short of twists and turns, some to even put my Blackthorn and Lowtown plotting to shame! I’ll share more about that when I mark the end of Blackthorn though.

However, a new twist has made a very timely appearance today. I can safely say I’ve never been able to mark a Blackthorn anniversary this way before! I’ve actually had a character in a book named after me! Not only that, but the book has been published by Blackthorn’s publisher today of all days. This was in no way timed. Bookouture didn’t even know about it.

I want to say a huge thank you to Kierney Scott for making the decision to name a supporting character after me in her debut crime thriller, Now You See Me, the first book in her Detective Jess Bishop series (click on the book for a link to Amazon). 

Although we’ve never met, Kierney and I have known each other for six years, both having entered the New Voices writing competition back in 2011 – the competition that led to Bookouture discovering and selecting me to be their launch author. This will be Kierney’s first book with Bookouture and I’m beyond thrilled to see her realise her dreams of being published by them too.

It was a few months ago that Kierney first got in touch to let me know she was naming Detective Jess Bishop’s best friend after me, but was uncertain whether to use my married or maiden name. When I found out I’d be “playing” a clinical psychologist, we opted for the latter.

You may not know that I studied psychology for my degree, having strongly considered becoming a clinical psychologist afterwards. Back then I had a fascination with Forensic Psychology, particularly abnormal behaviour and psychopathology. I even managed to arrange to get my copy of Thomas Harris’s Red Dragon/The Silence of the Lambs signed by Welsh legend Sir Anthony Hopkins, aka Dr Hannibal Lecter in the film version, when he was back home in my neck of the woods visiting his mum (no, sadly, I didn’t get to meet him). As if that wasn’t enough, I named my first car that I used to drive back and forth to university Clarice (after Clarice Starling). Well, the number plate did start with CL.

A couple of years into my degree I’d resolved I would be much more at ease exploring my fascination through fiction rather than fact though, and turned my attention to the safer option of working on psychological thrillers in the background instead. To be honest, I thought that was the genre I’d launch my career with, even after Blackthorn was already several years underway in the background.

So now, more than twenty years later, to finally be a clinical psychologist working with the FBI, even if only in fiction, is such a fun twist of events for me. OK, so after I’ve read Kierney’s book “fun” might no longer be the word I choose to use!! I’ve heard it’s more than a little brutal in there!

Here’s wishing Kierney a wonderful publication day and every success with her book. I truly am flattered that you did this, Kierney. And if anyone reading this dives in to read the book before me, no spoilers please!!

For now, it’s back to Blood Broken. Thank you so much for your patience as you await news on its publication date, something I will share as soon as it’s confirmed. And talking of Caleb, hopefully now you understand a little more about why I love writing the dark and complex characters that I do.

And, of course, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has supported Blackthorn – whether for 5 years, or 5 days so far. Team Blackthorn, I couldn’t do this without you.

Take care. ❤️

Fascinated by Witches?

Happy Halloween!!!!

Usually I reserve my blog for all things related to my books but I read an article today that I thought my readers might find fascinating.

Mention witch trials and Salem is most likely one of the first places that springs to mind, but here’s some historical insight into my local city here in South West England:

West Country Witchcraft and the Hanged Women of Urban Exeter 

Having used Exeter’s underground tunnels and passages to help me write those Blackthorn scenes, I wonder if there were ever any witch shenanigans down there too? I’m heading out now to cement a pair of my shoes to my window frame, just in case…

But seriously, as I said to one of my readers on Facebook, I think the content of this article says more about human nature than about the supernatural – and, for me, the reality of our actions born out of our fears is far more disturbing than “the unknown”. It’s no wonder I write what I do. 😉 Talking of which…

Less than two days to go until HAVEN is yours! And you still have a few hours left if you’d like to enter my Halloween-themed giveaway to win a signed HAVEN paperback! Thank you to everyone who has joined in so far, whether here, on Facebook or via email. Wow, your fear confessions make fascinating reading!! Winners will be announced tomorrow!

Stay safe tonight!!


Meet Me in London

I’ve been asked many times, over the last couple of years in particular, when I’m going to participate in a book-signing event. Well, it’s finally going to happen!

To mark the end of BLACKTHORN and the beginning of my brand new LOWTOWN series, I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be attending RARE18 at The Olympia in London on 24th February 2018. This will be my first public appearance and the first opportunity I’ve had to meet some of my readers – and I cannot wait.

If you’ve never heard of RARE (Romance Author & Reader Events), it’s an incredible event reaching increasing popularity since it began in 2014. It’s been hosted in Edinburgh and Montreal, is based in Berlin this year, and will be hosted in London and Rome in 2018. It’s your chance to meet a whole host of amazing romance authors across the full spectrum of the genre from contemporary to fantasy to suspense.

Tickets are going on sale on Saturday 4th March at 3 p.m. UK time. Don’t delay once the tickets become available as there are over 1,000 confirmed attendees already. If you’d like to find out more before then, you can join RARE 18 London‘s Facebook group where they are announcing authors who are attending. For those not on social media, I’ll update the end of this post once I have further news.

So, if you’d like the chance say hello and have your books, audiobooks, notebooks, giveaway prizes you may have won in the past, or anything else signed by me, I’d love to see you there.

My new publisher, Piatkus, is very kindly planning on providing some LOWTOWN stash and hopefully I’ll have one or two BLACKTHORN treats too. 🙂

On top of all of that, I’ve discovered that it won’t just be authors and readers attending. I jokingly put a teaser out on my Facebook page earlier in the week that I was going to be participating in a signing event and that Kane, Caleb, Jask and Eden would be joining me – but in 2D only. Now I’ve heard that some cover models really are going to attend! So, who knows, maybe* one of our Blackthorn boys will appear after all.

Form an orderly queue…


*Don’t hold me to it being one of our boys. I genuinely have no idea which models are coming!


This event is now sold out.

My Book Deal with Piatkus

I’m beyond elated to be able to reveal that I’ve signed a three book deal with PIATKUS, an imprint of LITTLE, BROWN BOOK GROUP!

Two of the books are a spin-off to my bestselling Blackthorn series (more on that in a moment) and the third is an unrelated title. Piatkus have bought world English rights in both print and eBook, with the aim to make my books available in bookshops in the UK, US and Australia. How exciting is that?

Anyone familiar with PNR and Urban Fantasy will know why I’m so over the moon about this. Piatkus are globally synonymous with the genres, publishing leading names such as Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward and Nora Roberts. Needless to say I am uber-excited to be working with their expert and passionate team on my new books.

I had the greatest pleasure meeting with my new editor – Anna Boatman (Editorial Director at Piatkus) – in December when she travelled from London to Exeter to take me out for lunch. We’d already had several phone conversations by that point and Anna had been following my work for years, so meeting her in person was the final confirmation of how much I wanted to work with the Piatkus team.

The news has been issued both in BookBrunch and The Bookseller:


As well as 2016 marking the release of two Blackthorn books, it was also a year of big decisions as to what to do once Blackthorn ended. With the finale approaching, I’d been receiving an increasing number of requests for prequels, sequels or even spin-offs from readers not ready to leave this world behind yet. I’ve always said that the Blackthorn story will end with book eight though, and I’m not going to change that. However, with a backdrop as detailed and complex as this one, there’s always been scope for a sideways step – especially with so many aspects of life in the locale that never made it into the overarching Blackthorn plot.

After revelations in interviews and blog posts that I had other stories set in the same locale, reader requests increased so I decided to give it some serious thought. Some of my favourite characters who never made it into Blackthorn soon came to mind, their stories opening up other parts to this world that my readers had yet to see. Some of those stories centred around one district in particular.

My current readers will know of Lowtown as the neighbouring district to Blackthorn. It’s where Caitlin from Blood Shadows lived, where the TSCD is based as well as the penitentiary too. However, the plight of those struggling to survive in Lowtown has remained peripheral for my readers whilst I remained focused on the Blackthorn story. Now seems to be the perfect time to delve into unexplored corners of this stratified and corrupt society and, with it, even deeper into the world.


Set against a backdrop of social unrest my readers will be familiar with, Lowtown books will retain the same dark and gritty urban feel as Blackthorn. The romances will be just as intense and the struggles just as severe.

However, unlike their Blackthorn predecessors, each Lowtown story will be a standalone. They’ll also be completely independent of the overarching plot that runs through my eight Blackthorn books. One or two familiar names or places might appear though. 😉


In 2019, I will also be bringing something brand new to my readers. As well as two spin-off titles, I have signed another book with Piatkus – one that is far removed from the familiar urban dystopia of Blackthorn and Lowtown. Expect chills and mystery set against a rural backdrop, as well as more romance of course!


I’m thrilled to finally be able to reveal this news to you – and I hope you’re just as pleased to hear it. Thank you to all of my readers who regularly contact me to share their thoughts, particularly with what you enjoy about my writing and what you’d like more of. You’ve helped shape what I’m going to do next.

Well, it’s certainly going to be a busy year ahead! Our Blackthorn finale is due for publication before the end of the year and now the first Lowtown book is scheduled for release this November. That means we’ll have double the cover reveals, double the blurb reveals, be concluding Blackthorn as well as launching Lowtown… I think we’re going to have a lot of fun with this, and I can’t wait! Of course, it also means I might not be around as much as usual for the first part of this year, but I promise I’ll keep you updated as often as possible.

Thank you for being there, for supporting my writing up to now and, by doing so, for helping this happen. 2017, here we come!!


A huge thank you to Piatkus Fiction for sharing the announcement on their Facebook page, and for all the wonderful comments already being left on their post.

And thank you to everyone who is supporting this announcement across social media. I’m truly overwhelmed! <3

A Grimm Day

I make no secret of the fact I love fairy tales. I’ve written a post previously about how, with them having been embedded in my psyche since childhood, I don’t doubt their background influence on Blackthorn. Fairy tales were the PNR equivalent when I was a child. Wolves, witches, treachery, romance, magic, a struggle for survival, the battle between good and evil set against mystical and often dark and threatening settings, it’s no wonder the world I’ve created contains those elements.

Above: My collection of fairy tales

As well as loving fairy tales, I also have a passion for visiting National Trust properties. Whether absorbing their internal grandeur or exploring their beautifully maintained grounds (or wandering off into the depths of the woods), I can’t visit these places enough when taking a break from writing. So when I heard Killerton were hosting a celebration of Grimm’s Fairy Tales over the Christmas and New Year period, it became top priority for a day out. I was so enthralled by what I found, I thought I’d share a few pics (and some annotations) from the day. I hope my fellow fairy tale fans out there enjoy them!

The stunning exterior of Killerton House in Exeter: the perfect magical setting to host a celebration of some of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Although the sun had broken through in these photos, it had been a frosty morning when we set off for our visit, adding to the enchantment of the place on our arrival (needless to say I’m a huge Narnia fan too 🙂 ).

A glimpse of Killerton’s internal staircase, light being cast through the glass dome above. It might be familiar to those of you who have read Blood Torn:

“Ascending the stairs alongside him, her attention was drawn to the opaque glass dome that crowned the ceiling…”

Blood Torn, chpt 2. 

The first stop was The Elves and the Shoemaker display. Later I had a peek inside Rapunzel‘s tower which included a full-size figure of the lady herself, her posture emanating her loneliness. Is it any wonder Eden refers to Jessie as ‘Rapunzel’ in Blood Deep?

The story of Sleeping Beauty spanned two rooms. The first room displayed the spinning wheel and poison whilst Sleeping Beauty slept a few feet away. The neighbouring room celebrated her wedding to the Prince who, if interpretations are correct, rescued her after fighting his way through a Blackthorn hedge. 😉

Hmm, I wonder which vampire came to mind with this library…?

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know I have a long-standing fear of werewolves (which convinced me I’d never be able to write a lycan hero), so I really could have done without wandering down a lengthy corridor before nearly jumping out of my skin when faced with this growling fella! Jask I can handle, Little Red Riding Hood‘s nemesis, not so much!

This had to be my favourite display of all, which is why I left it until last. The story of Hansel and Gretel both terrified and fascinated me as a child. So even at forty-two, I had a little shiver as I glimpsed firstly at the child prison before taking a closer look at the baking tray… to see human fingers ready for cooking! It’s no wonder our Caleb despises serryns so much!

I can’t wait to see what Killerton will come up with next year! 🙂

And before I go, I’d like to give my thanks and a huge shout-out to Big Little Sister Blog who listed Blood Instinct and Blood Bound amongst her favourite books of 2016! Yay!!!

As well as My Bookworm Blogger who is so excited (and maybe a little sad?) about 2017 bringing Blackthorn’s finale that she’s given the entire series a shout-out on her blog today.

Thank you so very much, Michelle and Stephanie. <3

I’ll be back with some news very soon. And, of course, a very happy New Year to you all, Team Blackthorn! Let’s make 2017 a great one! <3

Merry Christmas 2016, Team Blackthorn!

It’s cold, the wind is howling, the rain is thrashing against the windows and it’s already dark outside. But who cares? It’s Christmas Eve Eve! I love Christmas Eve Eve, especially with a whole Christmas weekend ahead. I’m still not completely convinced I’m as organised as I should be though – or as I think I am. I’m about to find out as soon as I finish this post!

Above: Can’t imagine why my hubby thought this folder was so suitable for me…

It’s been a busy year, that’s for sure. 2016 saw the publication of two Blackthorn books – Blood Instinct back in May and then Blood Bound in September. Since then I’ve been well underway on the series finale: Blood Broken. But that’s not all I’ve been working on. With Blackthorn coming to an end in 2017, I’ve also been developing ideas for my next projects. I’ll be sharing news about those very early next month. I hope you’ll be as excited about them as I am!

Before I switch off for Christmas and the New Year though, I want to offer my usual heartfelt thanks to all of my amazing readers who have been a part of my 2016. Whether you have supported me here, via social media, email, or by rating and reviewing my books, you have made a HUGE difference to both my series and to me. Thank you so much for being there.

Above: Christmas is now underway in the Pryor household.

Here’s wishing you a fantastic Christmas as well as health, peace and happiness in the year ahead. I hope to ‘see’ you in 2017 for our Blackthorn finale as well as what I plan to be a lot of fun in the build-up to its publication!

Take care,

Linds xxx

It’s Blackthorn’s Fourth Anniversary!

Tomorrow marks four years since Blackthorn was launched. Blood Shadows was officially released on 27th November 2012. Since then Blackthorn has sold in six figures, reached readers in several countries and obtained numerous number ones in both the Gothic and the PNR charts on Amazon as well as having reached the Top 50 on’s main kindle charts too. Blood Shadows was even optioned by Hollywood movie giants Relativity Media! It’s been quite the four years. And next year it’ll all be coming to an end with the series finale.

To mark the occasion, and to keep to the theme of 8 Blackthorn books, I thought I’d share… 8 THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT MY CREATION OF BLACKTHORN. Oh, and look out for details of a giveaway at the end!


Although tomorrow marks four years since Blackthorn was first published, it’s actually twenty years old this year!


Okay, so it wasn’t exactly stormy but it did all begin one night. I’d moved to a city over 300 miles away from home to begin my first teaching job. After an evening out with my new colleagues, I managed to get lost on my way home. With no one at home to expect me and with 1996 hardly being the era of mobile phones, I had no option but to try and navigate my way alone through the empty city streets. It wasn’t long before I became increasingly lost as well as deeper into unfamiliar territory. So, during that time, I did what every self-respecting scared-out-of-their-wits author does and made up stories to keep calm and distract myself – and Blackthorn was born.


From then on Blackthorn became a labour of love. I never intended it to be published, instead it was one of many simultaneous projects I had underway. Some went by the wayside but Blackthorn was one idea I simply couldn’t walk away from.

Once I had the concept behind Blackthorn, I wrote short stories to get to know the world. The stories were set in various districts across the locale, from Blackthorn to Summerton. Once the idea behind the overarching plot – the downfall of this oppressive society – took hold, the key contenders were already clear. Kane and Caitlin, Caleb and Leila, and Jessie and Eden all evolved from those short stories into what Blackthorn is today. The only exceptions were Jask and Phia.


I’ve caused much confusion amongst some readers and reviewers by bending the mythological rules. For one thing, only lycans have fangs whereas vampires have an extra set of feeding incisors instead. None of my “third species” as I call them are immortal, nor are they cursed or contaminated, and they most certainly aren’t the undead! Why? Because apart from rare occasions when these “creatures” were constituted as deities, they have almost always been associated with evil origins. This was further enforced by the introduction of Christian ideologies, with vampires in particular not only deemed as a risk to our physical self but our spiritual self too. Then there’s the influences of literature and films in the mix. I wanted to come from the angle that just because we don’t understand something doesn’t automatically make it evil – one of the fundamental themes behind Blackthorn.

After all, one of the greatest freedoms of being a writer of fantasy is the ability to be selective about which aspects of mythology to apply. The creation of my third species is as much about characterisation and plot as fitting in logically into the Blackthorn world I’ve created.


After I’d finished putting Blackthorn together, I stuck my head above the parapet to try and work out its potential for publication. But what had begun during a time when PNR was rarely found on the shelves was then faced with a market overwhelmed with vampiric heroes and fantastical urban underworlds, let alone well-established names globally dominating the genre.

Despite the knock of confidence, I started to look for publishing opportunities – only to find that, for those who accepted unagented submissions, Blackthorn didn’t meet their guidelines. Not only were my books too long, the preference seemed to be for standalones (especially from debut novelists unable to prove they could sustain a complex series). Most of all, my heroes didn’t conform to readers’ expectations. All in all, Blackthorn looked like it would be too high a risk to pursue.

So without even attempting to submit anywhere, I tucked Blackthorn away in my bottom drawer as I focused on a different genre.

It was only when my dad passed away in 2007 that I returned to Blackthorn, determined to pursue my dream of getting it published one day. To try and up my chances, I pulled out all of the overarching plot threads to the series and started turning Blackthorn into stand-alones.

The biggest clincher for signing with my current publisher was when they read Blood Shadows and Blood Roses and suggested that maybe Blackthorn could extend beyond three books. More than that, they asked if maybe I saw potential for an overarching plot to tie all the books together. I couldn’t pull all of my original notebooks out of my bottom draw quick enough!


Those who supported Blackthorn from the beginning will know that the covers of Blood Shadows and Blood Roses once looked very different. They were designed by Henry Steadman and had a much more traditional Gothic feel. They also incorporated red, white and black. According to folklore, these are the three colours associated with the Blackthorn plant. (If you’d like to know why I called the series ‘Blackthorn’, you can read about it here.)

Before Blood Torn’s release in February 2014, Bookouture decided to give the series a brand new look with a contemporary urban edge.


Up until the point I was offered a publishing contract, there were only six books in the series (seven if I split the finale into two). I’d initially been signed for three. When it came to discussions for the third book, I was ready to move on to Jessie and Eden’s story. However, my editor at the time as well as author Michele Hauf (who was my mentor during the writing competition through which I was discovered) both felt Jask Tao deserved a story of his own.

I already knew the role Jask and Phia played in the overarching Blackthorn story (no spoilers for anyone who hasn’t got that far!), but I never intended a romance between them, nor to explore the lycans’ plight in Blackthorn in any great detail. Instead I’d planned to keep the focus on the vampires in the story. In addition to that I have a deep-rooted fear of lycanthropy so didn’t think I’d be able to write Jask as an appealing enough hero!

Since then, Jask has gone on to become one of Blackthorn’s most popular heroes – and it’s all thanks to my wonderful first editor and the fantastic Michele Hauf.


Like the vast majority of published authors, writing wasn’t my only job when Blackthorn was launched. It’s a myth that once you get a publishing deal, you give up the day job and spend all of your days writing books. In fact, for the first four Blackthorn books I was still holding down a teaching job. I’d be teaching lessons to teenagers one day and then immersed in Blackthorn the next, swapping lesson planning and reports with book edits and fan mail. It wasn’t until January 2015 that I started writing full time. By that time, I’d waited almost 30 years to get to that point. If you love something enough, I guess you hold on for as long as it takes.

So that’s it – 8 facts you may or may not have known. And as you can see, Blackthorn had been on quite the journey even before it reached your shelf/device!

I’ll be back tomorrow to mark the official day with a GIVEAWAY BUNDLE for one lucky winner.

Until then, I’m thrilled to say I was invited to a special anniversary interview with ‘My Bookworm Blogger’.

I was asked some of the most insightful Blackthorn-related questions I’ve ever had, so please do head over and take a look. Stephanie’s also giving away a SIGNED PAPERBACK of my latest release BLOOD BOUND as well as an exclusive SIGNED Blackthorn POSTCARD!

Have a wonderful evening and ‘see’ you tomorrow! <3

Merry Christmas, Team Blackthorn!

I can’t quite believe 2015 is nearly over! This time last year, after almost twenty years in the profession, I’d stepped out of my teaching career and taken the leap into writing full-time. At the start of 2015, I was finally able to give Blackthorn my full attention.

Much of this year has been spent writing Blood Dark with my head simultaneously in my old notebooks making sure I’m still on track with my plans for the finale. (As most of you will know by now, I never have my head on only one book at a time – not when it comes to Blackthorn!) Since Blood Dark’s release, the last ten weeks have been all about the first draft of Blood Instinct. I’ll share some news on that soon.

Until then, I can’t say farewell to another year without first saying a massive thank you to all my incredible readers who have been a part of it. Whether you support me here, via social media, email, or simply by rating and reviewing my books, you make a difference to me and to my series. Thank you for being there to back Blackthorn and for rooting for our heroes and heroines as we edge ever closer to the finale. 2015 has been such a stand out year for me when it comes to fun and interaction with my readers (I do solemnly swear never to pose the T-shirt question ever again), and I am so lucky to have you! Involvement in the giveaways this year has been the best ever and your support of Blood Dark’s release was simply immense. I hope you’ll be just as excited about Jask and Phia’s return in Blood Instinct!

I know it’s been far from all fun and laughter out in the wider world this year though, so thank goodness for whatever escapism we can find in books. Here’s just one of many emails I received this year that reminds me how important books are in so many of our lives:

“I am from Romania and I just wanted to say that your books have made my world such a better place … Your characters and plot of the story has taken me on a wonderful journey. Thank you.”

Is there any better reason to share stories?

Here’s wishing you all a fantastic Christmas and health, peace and happiness in the year ahead. I’ll be back in January with those Blood Instinct updates as well as my plans for Blackthorn in 2016. Whatever you do between now and then, take care. I have soooo much more escapism planned for you! 🙂


Blackthorn’s Biggest Anniversary Giveaway!

Three years ago this week, Blackthorn was launched. Blood Shadows, my debut novel, was released by Bookouture on 27th November 2012. Since then, Blackthorn has gone on to sell in six figures, with over three thousand four and five star reviews. And it’s thanks to your reviews and your support that the final four books in the Blackthorn series were signed last year, as well as Blackthorn being discovered by Tantor Media who converted the first three books to audio.

My readers are such an important part of Blackthorn so, to mark the occasion and to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me, I decided to launch the biggest Blackthorn giveaway to date.

If you’re a big Blackthorn fan, this is your chance to get your hands on some Blackthorn treats – some of which are limited editions, never to be repeated. The full list of items is below, with a brief description of each. They’re listed in no particular order.


All you have to do to enter the giveaway is tell me:




It’s that simple! You can leave your answers:

  • in the comment section below, or
  • on my Facebook page (where I’m simultaneously running the giveaway), or
  • email me privately.


The giveaway is open NOW and closes Thursday 26th November at midnight (UK time). Entries after this time will not be eligible.


Anyone is eligible to enter. All entries will be assigned an entry number. Numbers will be selected using a random generator and winners will be announced this Friday evening (27th) to mark the official anniversary.

As with all Blackthorn giveaways, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are – the prizes can be posted anywhere. One of the winners in the last giveaway was on the other side of the world in New Zealand!


You can only enter your answer ONCE, but for the first time ever in a giveaway, I’m going to give you the chance to win more than one prize as well as increase your chances of winning.

Whilst ensuring I don’t exclude anyone from entering, this is ultimately a thank you giveaway so I wanted to include something extra to show my appreciation to everyone who has gone that extra step to support me and Blackthorn. So, if any of the following apply to you, tell me in your answer and your name will be entered more than once.

Let me know if you:

  • Have liked my Facebook page, follow me on social media, or follow this blog. This is worth one bonus entry.
  • Have left a review for a Blackthorn book on Amazon, Goodreads or any other relevant review site. This is worth one bonus entry.
  • Have left reviews for all five Blackthorn books. This is worth two bonus entries.

That means any one person can have their name entered up to FOUR TIMES which not only increases their chances of winning but means they could win up to four different prizes.

So it’s clear, here are some examples:

“I discovered Blackthorn on Amazon. I really like the plot twists.” Your name will be entered once.

“I discovered Blackthorn on Amazon. I really like the plot twists. I follow your blog.” Your name will be entered twice.

“I discovered Blackthorn on Amazon. I really like the plot twists. I’ve liked your Facebook page and I’ve reviewed all five Blackthorn books.” Your name will be entered four times.


As it’s three years since the release of Blood Shadows


ABOVE: There is one prize of a signed paperback copy of both Blood Shadows AND Blood Roses. These books have the original covers, as per the launch in 2012. The covers were created by top UK cover designer Henry Steadman who has designed covers for international bestselling authors such as Stephen King, Patricia Cornwell and Dan Brown. Less than fifteen signed copies of each are in circulation. I will never again be giving away signed copies of the original books, so these are a real collector’s item for avid Blackthorn fans!


ABOVE: There is one prize of a signed Blood Shadows unabridged audiobook, narrated by British award-winning actress Anne Flosnik and produced by Tantor Media. The audiobook consists of 10 discs and has a running time of 12 hours. This is the last time a signed Blood Shadows audiobook will be given away.

And now that we’ve come full-circle with Blackthorn’s latest release marking a revisit to Kane and Caitlin…


ABOVE: There is one prize of a one-off, signed Blood Dark poster featuring Kane. The poster is a superb, high-quality A2 poster print on satin 200gm paper.


ABOVE: There is one prize of a signed paperback copy of Blood Dark. Book length: 398 pages.

And to celebrate three years of Blackthorn…


ABOVE: There is one prize of a Blackthorn mug featuring the first four covers (new covers as per the relaunch).


ABOVE: There is one prize of a limited-edition (never to be reproduced) Blackthorn mug featuring Blackthorn’s four heroes.


ABOVE: There are three prizes of a signed Blackthorn high-quality postcard and keyring, featuring the Blackthorn logo as designed by Henry Steadman.


ABOVE: There are three prizes of a set of four Blackthorn high-quality postcards featuring the first four book covers. Each will be signed by me.


ABOVE: There are two prizes of a set of Blackthorn hero stickers. These are waterproof and all-weather vinyl stickers designed to last forever and can be used on everything from iPhones to bikes. They measure 74mm x 52mm. Each winner will receive one set containing all four heroes.

That’s it!

Good luck to everyone who enters! And thank you again to everyone who is supporting my series. I’ll be back on Friday to announce the winners! Have a great week! xxx

A Blackthorn Anniversary Giveaway is Coming!

Friday 27th November marks three years since Blackthorn was first published. As I can’t let that go by without marking the occasion, I’ll be launching a special anniversary giveaway on Monday. Here’s a sneak peek of a few things to expect:

I hope you’ll join in the fun when the time comes! I already have readers on Facebook trying to guess what’s in store from the images above. It should be a good one! xxx